I Am Excited to Add This to My “To Do” List

So y’all know I have a thing for chairs right?  I am addicted to a cute chair.  I think its due to my fear of commitment.  Putting a bold fabric or painting a loud color on a couch seems crazy but doing the same on a chair seems a no-brainer.  Chairs are to me what Lolita was to Humbert.

Okay, re-reading that last sentence, I realize someone may take me literally on that statement.  To clarify, I have never had relations with someone who is underage, illegal or for that matter a girl.  But I was merely stating that I love me a tarted up bold upholstered chair.  Now that we have cleared that up…….

I broke down and bought the chair that I profiled last week in my post “Thrift Store Beauties“.  Let me introduce you to my chair version of Lolita:

Velvet & Cane Chair: $28

Right now, it’s covered in cat hair and is sitting in my garage.  However, I couldn’t pass it up for $30 (including tax).  I have a design job coming up in San Francisco that this chair could be used.  But,  on the off-chance the client doesn’t want to use it, I could envision it sitting in my guest room replacing an Ikea Poang chair I have longed to make disappear from life.  If the chair does find a home with me, it would be sprayed a “greige” tone and the cushions recovered in silver or navy blue velvet.  Perhaps a navy blue mohair trimmed in white piping. 

Okay, I am getting a bit giddy over the possibilities.  I have to go now and stare at her.  I hope the Grande Dame doesn’t get jealous of my new-found love….

4 thoughts on “I Am Excited to Add This to My “To Do” List

  1. I would have bought her, too. I have a thing for chairs like you wouldn’t believe. And I have about 5 that need some recovering and revitalization. I can’t wait to see yours so I can get some fantastic ideas.

    • Cassie – you are too kind. I heeded the advice of another reader (Thanks Shannon) and got s few shots done in order to styme the gender confusion (on other’s part not mine). Glad you like it because picture taking is sorta like going to the dentist for me…a necessary evil that I don’t enjoy 🙂

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