Loving Out Loud: Real Good Chair by Blu Dot …

Some things just hit you viserally…..like meeting your spouse, an undying love for 80s music or this chair….

The Real Good Chair by Blu Dot in copper is laser cut perfection.  The body is copper plated steel with laser cut seams meaning this baby can be stored flat – a must have for us urban dwellers with less than stellar storage space.

I feel I am in good company since it appears that uber-designers Ariel Ashe and Vicente Wolf both agree that this chair is a winner in this month’s Elle Decor.  Like them, I would use it as a statement piece in a bedroom or living room.  However, my heart is set on using them to replace our slowly decaying dining room chairs.  A little sheepskin cushion to for extra padding and you have a stylish, beautiful and uncommon seating arrangement.

And for me that makes for a real good chair to have…..

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Loving Out Loud: Bold Color…..

It comes as no surprise that I like color on my furniture.  My living room has turquoise chairs, my guest room has a suzani covered chair and my music room ….well that is just chocked full of color.  So it wasn’t shocking that over the last few weeks I have been drawn to furniture with bold saturated colors, in particular purples and pinks.  I think it has to do with my visit to the Z Gallerie show room last month.  When you entered the show room, you were greeted by their Pierre sofa covered  in a beautiful and rich velvet in the most intense shade of aubergine I have seen. 

It was beautiful.  I was giddy.  I proceeded to molest the sofa in front of their executive staff.  It was  special and magical moment for all involved.   In any case, here are my top three favorite uses of bold color on furniture so far……

Clockwise: Pierre Sofa, Z Gallerie; The Duchess Chair, Society Social; Junior Templeton Chair, Jonathan Adler.

I am envisioning the Pierre Sofa paired with pink chairs for a bit of “sorority girl glam” – imagine Legally Blonde meets good taste.  The Duchess chairs from Society Social bring a touch of history while the Junior Templeton from Jonathan Adler adds a nice modern punch. 

Throw in a wall painted in the lightest shade of robin egg’s blue or a lavender and you have a the makings for a room that is bold but not in your face.

Okay, I am off to finish AutoCAD homework and to continue to bask in the glow of all this bold color.  So tell me, are you hankering for any bold hues this time of year?

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Master Bedroom Update: Yup, It’s Another Chair……

I have not talked much about the master bedroom update since the article I wrote for Centsational Girl.  It is still pretty much the same room as seen in the picture on the House Tour page

I am stuck on whether I should wallpaper the angular accent wall or paint.  The wallpaper I want is extremely expensive and comes with a 25 yard minimum order which isn’t a bad thing since I would love to do our whole bedroom in it.  At over $85/yard, it is a pricey investment that does not improve the overall value of the home especially knowing that this is not my “forever home”. 

So while I am dragging my feet on beginning the wall transformation, I did pull the trigger on having the occasional chair recovered that sits in the corner.  I had multiple ideas for the chair (here and here) but opted to do a simple upholstery job that would not lock me into a particular design should I change my mind. 

The chair was originally covered in a moss green ultrasuede which was fine when it served the purpose of a really expensive laundry hamper since I am too lazy to fold clean laundry (yeah it’s one of my growth areas for 2012).

However, I wanted something a bit more glam in the fabric department.  As I mentioned, fabric for the chair went through a couple of missteps from a overscale zebra print, to grey and gold polka dots to large-scale window pane print.  Each fabric was great on its own but didn’t quite work with the overall room I envisioned in my head (FYI if anyone wants some great zebra, polka dot or windowpane print fabrics, shoot me an email).  After looking at all my false starts, I realized that (1) my eye was consistently going to golds and pewters and (2) the fabric patterns were the sticking point on all of the other fabrics.  Armed with this information, I redirected my fabric search, found a great fabric & finally got the versatile chair I was hoping for……

The fabric I opted for was Club Room III in Dune by Duralee.  It is a tawny color with strips of gold lurex-like fabric woven throughout it.  It catches the light beautifully but is subtle.  To play along with the sheen of the chair and the gold vibe, I got the Bijoux-Dot throw pillow from West Elm.

While the chair isn’t in-your-face-fab-awesome like my other chair make overs (here and here), I think it will serve its future purpose — to blend seamlessly.  The end goal is to create a room that is a calm retreat and I think the chair puts me on the right path.

So how was your weekend? 

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