Chair Unveil: What a Difference 4.5 Months Make

It’s here.

Thank you Baby Jesus.

I have not felt this giddy since I received my acceptance letter from Stanford or the Culinary Institute of America.

My chair has returned from the upholstery shop.  It’s beautiful.  I stared at her for a good 20 minutes when she came home.  I am so happy with the results that I may even forgive that it took from the end of March through the middle of August to get her back from the upholstery guy.  I may forgive that I had to call on a weekly basis to get the upholstery guy to move on the project.  I may even forgive having to go by his place of work at least twice to “mad dog” him into putting the project into gear.  She is home now and I love her.

To do a quick stroll down memory lane, I found her sitting alone at Urban Ore in Oakland, CA in March.  She had a bit of distress and a crack in her leg, but there was no denying that this Grande Dame had major appeal.

Great lines but a little worse for the wear...but that didn't deter me

She was giving me the cold shoulder ....turned her back to me

But she was a lady with secrets....she was damaged goods...

She a tough dame with the battle scars to prove it....

The Grande Dame was not in good shape, but that just made the discovery all that exciting, especially since she only cost me $14.  However, the years had not been kind to her, so I needed to find someone to restore her to her former beauty.  I scouted around and found the upholstery workshop I ended up with through word of mouth.  He in turn recommended a wood restoring company ( Acorn Restoration) who did the wood work on the chair to repair the damage.  The guys at Acorn were awesome!  A week of tender loving care and the old lady was back at the upholstery guy to await her transformation.  And wait she did….for over 4 months….but they finally got to work on her last month:

The Upholstery Guy cutting the fabric....

The Grand Dame giving us a little exposed back....

Giving his a little profile action....

And I am happy to introduce a new and improved Grande Dame (drum roll please)……

Ain’t she pretty?  The upholstery guy thinks she was made in the 1950s since there was horsehair and tacks used to put her together.  As for the frame, it’s solid wood and why she has stood the test of time so well. For a 60 year old broad, she looks awesome in the music room against the freshly painted walls.  Part of me wants to name her “Helen Grande Dame Mirrin” but I am afraid I might get sued.  But nonetheless I think she is the bell of the room for a grand total a little over $400 including fabric, wood restoration and reupholstery.  For those of you who are wondering, the fabric is Thomas Paul by Duralee  (Tangerine Aviary) available at Sal Bressi in San Francisco, CA.  I also  know the fabric is available at select Calico Corner stores and online.

Speaking of painting and the music room, I will share with you tomorrow how I have developed a new-found dislike and potentially hatred of blue painter’s tape.  On a more positive note, the music room is really coming along and I am pleased with how everything is coming together.   The last piece of furniture arrives next Friday and I can do the big room reveal then.  However, I have a fun project that I am starting on tomorrow to make some “modern art” for the room …..stay tuned for all this good stuff and more!


PS:  One and a half weeks before I start school — it’s not real yet!

PSS: To see the rest of the room that the Grande Dame resides in, click here

22 thoughts on “Chair Unveil: What a Difference 4.5 Months Make

  1. gorgeous! i remember getting that big stanford envelope… v. exciting day. glad the chair elicited the same feelings. : )

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  3. Oh wow! This is truly a spectacular outcome. I am a total chair hoarder and this makes me want to run out and find a chair to redo in this fabric immediately. Love the classic lines paired with all that bold color fabulousness. Well done!!

  4. Oh my that is such a wonderful chair. I just say this on Before and After and had to come over and check it out. I feel in love with that fabric at Calico Corners but in the aqua colorway, but the scale was too big for my project and I had to pass. It works so perfectly on that chair. For sure worth the wait!

    • Stephanie: and to think I was going to do a solid velvet on the chair! However this fabric made me weak in the knees and then terrified in how I was going to work it the room. Funny how one thing can start a chain reaction.

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