Current Obesssion: Framed War Medals

War is not something I would glamorize. The loss of life, the destroying of property and the separation of families is something I think most people do not want to be constantly reminded of in their lives. However, with every war there are feats of bravery and valor that should be commended and remembered, hence where medals and awards come into play.

I am always drawn to things with a story and honestly, nothing has more of a backstory than a war medal in my opinion. They mark instances where men and women have risen to the occasion often above and beyond the call of duty.

I find them eerily beautiful and have recently been obsessed with collecting a few on eBay to frame for my home. I am not sure to feel sad that someone felt obliged to sell these mementos or feel honored that I can give them a home in which they will be respected and revered.

I know it’s an odd way to kick off a week, but these have been on my mind ever since seeing one for sale at our local swap meet. So tell me, what things had you obsessed this weekend?

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I Now Remember….

I have been working on a home yoga studio this week for a client.  It is a fairly quick turn around project since she needs the space revamped by May 1 and I leave for a vacation and a wedding starting on April 24.  The design includes a vinyl decal on the mirrored closet doors in the shape of a lotus.


I proudly patted myself on the back when the client flipped for the idea and quickly ordered the decal.  Today I installed it and remembered why I have not suggested a vinyl decal in over a year.  Even the simplest ones are a bear to put up, but thanks to my ingenuity (errr….stupidity) and the need to divide the decal between two sliding closet doors, I had to split the  decal into four pieces.

Have you ever tried to put up something that instantly sticks to anything, has to be aligned perfectly  and is a lint magnet? Now multiply that by four.   It wasn’t a pretty scenario.  There were curse words, a tear or two and the realization why I hated vinyl decals.   I finally called upon The Partner for assistance and he came to my rescue.  But even with his help, it took us almost 2 hours to install the decal.  We had to tweak the piece, torque some elements and perform some DIY surgery with my Exact-o knife, but in the end, I am really happy with the results….

I don’t even mind the brass molding on the doors – it almost acts like a frame in this scenario.  Well that is what  I keep telling myself since I can’t change the color.  Denial is a well-used tool in my wheelhouse this week.  So I  still have to paint out the trim and molding, hang artwork and arrange furniture, but I think by early next week, I will be done with the project.  Cross your fingers for me!

However, for the moment, I am going to bask in the glory that is called a lotus decal and write myself a large note NEVER to recommend one to a client again.  Well at least one that I have to install……

For those of you who have entered the April Give Away, thank you!  For those of you who have not, what are you waiting for?  I am basically giving you the dishes off my table!  What are you waiting on?  Blood?    Remember that the give away closes on Monday and you can enter multiple times!

Check Me Out at Alice In Designland

Hope y’all had a great weekend!  My weekend was filled with work of various sorts….school work, house work, design work.  Makes me feel that I almost didn’t have a weekend at all.  However, the one bright spot in  my weekend was that I received word that the pictorial story I did for Alice in Designland was live!

The editor, Dia, contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would share my Music Room with her readers.  I was flattered and happy to do so because (1) I love Dia’s blog and (2) the Music Room is near and dear to me heart since it was the first room I fully conceived and decorated from scratch.  Take a moment and scoot over to Alice in Designland and take a look at the new pictures of the room!

Big thanks to Dia for letting me share my room with her readers!

Bedding Evolution

An astute reader pointed out I have changed my master bedroom bedding three times in less than a year.  They are absolutely correct and  here is the pictorial proof:

August 2010

Euro Shams for the Master Bedroom

December 2010


March 2011

I don’t deny my “bedding infidelity” and will explain why.  I think bedding can make or break a bedroom.  The wrong bedding can completely throw off a room’s design and send it in the wrong direction.  The first two looks were attempts to introduce color into the space.  In both cases, I was not 100% pleased with the results.  The navy blue didn’t work with the headboard and absorbed alot of light making the bedroom appear dark, not “moody” as I had hoped.  The aqua and brown bedding was okay but was dull in my opinion.  The colors were fun but not did not have  the right saturations to give the room “oomph” and life.  This final bedding from Ikea, while not colorful, I think provides an adundance of light and color to the room even through it is neutral.  I like the varying tonal stripes and think it goes really well with the new fabrics I will be using to finish off the room.

So yes, I am a bedding trollop and will probably commit “adultry” against my current set of linens in a few months.  Or maybe I won’t.  Who knows where my wandering eye will lead me but until some sassy duvet with a thread count made for action and a price point for sin comes along, I think I am content. 

Do you have a “wandering eye” for a particular design accessory in your house?  Do bed linens send you into a tizzy like they for me? Or does a plush bath towel make you quiver?  Perhaps it’s dishes and glassware?  Share what accessories make you commit “design adultery” by leaving a comment or sending me a tweet.  I promise not to judge…….well I won’t judge much!

Have a good one!

Floor Screen Love…..

So I figured, I would ease you into your week with a short post.

I love this screen:

It’s a joint venture between Better Homes & Gardens and Lightwave Laser.  It’s comes in four different patterns but the above, Swift Grille, is my favorite.  It comes in two different sizes: 3-panel or 4-panel  (74.5” high and each panel is 15.5” wide).  It comes primed or unprimed (the above picture is unprimed).  It comes with an awesome price range from $260-390, making it a viable alternative to wall art of headboards. 

It needs to go home with you.  You need to buy it.  If not for yourself, then for me because I love it.

Okay and there you go.  Short, simple and to the point. 

Happy Monday!

Weekend DIY: Paper Butterfly Shadowbox

I know that many people dislike Google, but I personally love them.  My Google searches always provide me a plethora of DIY inspiration and eye candy.  Through my random searches I stumbled upon the adorable blog, Room To Think….

Looking through her blog, you can sense that Anna & Sarah, the sisters behind the blog, love getting their hands dirty on DIY projects.  For example Sarah took left over craft paper, a shadowbox and a paper punch to create this…..


Check out Sarah’s picture heavy and easy to follow tutorial on how to make your own shadowbox.  At least doing this project will take my mind off the rain! 

Have a great weekend!

To Judo Chop or Not…That Is The Question

There is a battle brewing that is dividing my friends and family.  It is pitting Mother against Daughter, Father against Son, Sibling against Sibling.  That battle my friends is whether to judo chop a pillow or not…..


My friends and family are evenly split on this question and surprisingly it is along gender lines.  My male friends and family think that the judo chop is an essential tool in the design arsenal.  Conversely, the females in my life think that the judo chop is contrived and overly fussy.

Personally, I am torn on the issue.  I agree with my ladies that the judo chop when seen on a row of pillows looks a bit silly and overly thought out.  However, I still love the solidarity pillow with the perfect cleft sitting in a chair or on a couch.  So I am curious my friends, what is your take on the judo chop – yah or nay?