Monochromatic Does Not Mean Monotone…….

I know that beige gets a bum rap.  People find it safe. People find it boring. People find it bleh.  However, if done correctly, beige can be the canvas upon which a designer pulls together a beautiful room.  I believe the key to a beige or any monochromatic room is tonality and texture.  A beige room doesn’t mean a room full of the same color.  Nor does it mean a room lacking in pattern.  Case in point is the master bedroom that I am working on for a client.

I pulled together three different inspiration scenarios for the client to review:

After reviewing the options, she went with the “Monochromatic Tranquility” inspiration board which did not surprise me.  The board was the closet to her original idea for the redesign and featured several elements (upholstered headboard and coordinating chair) she mentioned during our initial meeting.  However, what did surprise me was her acknowledgement that she enjoyed the play of patterns and tones the accent fabrics and curtains offered to the overall design of the room.

I think she initially she thought a room with  color would not be the relaxing oasis she envisioned. I find that there is this cult of thinking where you have to bathe a room in beige for it to be soothing.  I am here to say that pattern and color are not the enemy of a peaceful bedroom.  You just need to find the right mix, scale and proportion for color and pattern to reside happily in a bedroom.  Too  much of one or the other and you get a hot mess. 

My goal for this make over is to really work with the client to be a bit more adventurous in her design decisions, mix in some glam and Hollywood regency into the design and I am going to push the envelope on pattern. I want to show that beige comes in a variety of tones and the occasional deviation from the palette is what makes a room interesting, layered and well-designed. 

We officially kick off the design on Friday with paint samples, bed selection and fabric swatches.  This is a 180 degree swing from the bright and poppy nursery I just completed, which by the way, I hope to have pictures from shortly.  I received word today that the custom futon cover and curtains will be delivered on Wednesday afternoon of this week.  All that means is a quick installation and some final staging and the room will be complete!!! 

So what are your opinions on a monochromatic color scheme?  I would love to hear your thoughts…..

6 thoughts on “Monochromatic Does Not Mean Monotone…….

  1. I totally agree with this post–I love neutral as the background to rooms. But, in no way does this palette equal boring. Without pushing a client a little outside their comfort zone, then you really aren’t providing a design service, you’ve instead simply become a ‘yes man’. Colorful, bright rooms are easier {in my opinion} to design than neutral ones. Neutral rooms take a very good decorator to be successful. Your boards are looking great!!

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