Thirft Store Beauties

You appreciate something until it is gone!  For reasons I don’t know why exactly, I have been locked out of my WordPress account.  The system didn’t recognize my password for some reason… first assumption was that the account had been hacked, but then I have to wonder, who would want to hack ME?!? I may take it as a bit of  flattery if someone actually did want to hack my account since there are millions of other bloggers that they could hack.

Umm. Okay.

Re-reading the above paragraph has made me realize I need to get out of the house more often especially since I am now ASKING to be hacked!  Now that I am back to my senses, I took my advice and went for a little jaunt to my local resale shop, Urban Ore, to see what was on the market.  For those of you who do read regularly, Urban Ore is one of my favorite spots to unearth cheap treasures.  It’s where I found the Grande Dame and where I seriously contemplated these DIY beauties.

Fortunately, Urban Ore did not disappoint to turn up some goodies and get my DIY juices flowing:

Velvet & Cane Chair: $25

I LOVE this chair, not only for its price but because the shape is just perfect to become an accent chair.  I would spray the wood and cane white and recover the back and cushions in a soft grey mohair or velvet.

Mirror: $60

While not super cheap at $60, at over 4 feet tall, it’s alot of mirror for not that much money.  For this DIY, I would potentially spray it lacquer black.  I also have this sudden urge to gold leaf something and you can never go wrong with a doing a leaf treatment on a mirror.

Hutch: $220

Okay this hutch simply rocks my like a hair band in the 1980s.  Seriously, for $220 and solid wood, I would have the piece sprayed navy blue to tone down the country vibe of the trim detail.  I would then cover the back of the shelves in a grasscloth that is either white or pale blue.  I think the contrast of the deep navy, the country nature of the piece and the texture of the grasscloth would be an interesting play on style.  The other option would be to play up the country scheme and paint it white , add a bead board style wallpaper to the back of the shelves and paint the paper a bold color like teal or lime green.  I think this piece is pretty versatile in a dining room as a traditional hutch, kitchen as storage or in a laundry room to house detergents and extra linens.

End Table: $25

This side table reminds me of an Moorish ottoman in shape and design.  It is a nice height and can easily be used as a stool with the help of a cushion being made.  I would sand and stain the piece a dark chocolate color and do a slightly metallic glaze over the finish.  I would then get a piece of foam cut and covered in either a suzani fabric or mud cloth.  I am especially drawn to the use of mud cloth since I think it would be an unexpected pattern and would provide beautiful texture to a room.

As usual, I stand at a cross road with if I should purchase any of these thrift store beauties.  If I had to choose today, it would be the $25 end table. I could use it in the house and move it from room to room.  While I love the chair, I just have NO place to put it.  Sigh. This just proves, I need to open up an Etsy shop and see if I can turn my thrift store finds into a side business.  Would you buy some of these pieces if they were rehabbed?

15 thoughts on “Thirft Store Beauties

  1. I just saw a similar chair…I like to call these items “ugly-beautiful”…all they need is a little TLC to be inspiring 🙂

    These are the times that I hate living in an apartment…It’s hard to take up space with these items!!

  2. I would completely 110% buy some of your pieces from etsy if you opened a shop! Every single thing you did here I was like “I wish I could be handy enough to do this!!!”

      • Yes, it wasn’t pretty the first time, but now, Courtney’s a pro. I think he just likes to get a little high off the fumes.

  3. Growing up, we had that exact same end table in between 2 blue velvet side chairs!! I would play in it as a child–I can still remember the smell of the toxic finish it was covered in {love the 70’s..] Honest to goodness–that may be the exact one we owned!! Thanks for the memories!

  4. Totally!!! This sounds like fun 🙂 By the way, I love the chair. I’m on the lookout for a pair just like that. Let me know if you find two!

  5. Great idea to open up an Etsy store and sell your DIY projects. Either that or we just have to move to Texas and buy a bigger house!

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