Mother’s Day Table Breakdown & May Give Away

Thanks for the kind words on the Mother’s Day table!  I received confirmation from Shauna that she loved the table and will be executing something similar very soon.  But as promised, here is a quick breakdown of the table…..

Main Table:

Waterford Tablecloth: Home Goods – $29.99

Charger Plates: Ikea – $5.99/each

Dinner Plates: Home Goods – $9.99/set of 8

Silverware: Vintage mother of pearl and silver

Napkins: Home Goods – $14.99/set of 12

Champagne Flutes: eBay – $60/set of 4

And if you will indulge me for a moment, the champagne flutes on the table are one of my favorite things in my pantry!  They are Vallerysthal blue glass flutes from France that I adore.  I have been slowly adding to my Vallerysthal collection because they are not cheap, but if you scour eBay (where I got these) you can score some good deals.

Teapots: Pier One – $4.99/each

Teacups & Saucers: Antique Shop

I used my normal piece meal approach to creating a centerpiece for the Mother’s Day Tea.  I started using an existing cake stand as my base to give some elevation and then anchored it with the two elephant teapots  filled with supermarket flowers in white yellow and purple.  I baked the cupcakes and decorated them with a simple white sugar frosting piped through a star tip (cooking school finally came in handy!).  I thought I needed one more bright burst of color and that came from the wonderful (and delicious) strawberries from the farmer’s market.

And to confirm that I have the mentality of a 12-year-old, I am posting a picture of the “butts” of the teapots.  I don’t know why, but this shot just makes me think that the teapots pooped strawberries which I find hilarious.  Sometimes I crack myself up…….

Okay, now for the back table that housed the drinks, I used a Crate and Barrel tablecloth in a light shade of blue to pick up the turquoise on the main table.  It is topped with another flower centerpiece in a $1 vase (go Dollar Store!), teapot (for actual tea!), champagne (my ladies like to party) and some extra teacups should some extra guests arrive.

As I said, I tried to strike the balance of modernity and antiquity in this tablescape – combining the old with the new in an interesting way.  I am happy with the results…so much so that I am going to be giving away some of the tablescape again!


To kick off the start of Summer, I am going to be giving away the teacups, saucers and one of the elephant teapots to a lucky reader…..

The give away is open to all followers of  the blog as well as my TwitterFacebook!   It’s easy to enter – leave a comment & do one of the following:

1) Follow the blog

2) Follow me on Twitter

3) Like me on Facebook

If you are already a fan of the above, then you are golden!  Simply leave a comment and you are entered…..

The contest closes on May 17 at midnight (PST).

30 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Table Breakdown & May Give Away

  1. Very pretty…the teacups/saucers remind me of my grandmother, while the teapot definitely reminds me of her wonderful granddaughter (me)! What a great combination! 😉

  2. Courtney, I hope you never stop giving tips and tricks. The Mother’s Day table inspired me the most (we’ll chalk it up to the Mother part of it). I’m planning a “tea party” with my daughters, and plan to spruce it up to make it more grown up!

  3. This post makes me want to get out my tea dress and gloves. I need to have me a tea party soon! Cucumber sandwiches ho!

    Give-away central this week, eh?

    My soon to be sister-in-law collects tea cups so it would be a lovely surprise to win these.

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  6. I love that tablescape and now I’ve spent the day all over the web looking for Vallerysthal. But what I am really lusting for is the elephants. I must be 12 too, because the pic of their butts is my favorite! Now that I’ve found your twitter and facebook pages, I won’t miss out on any of the fun.

    – Karen

  7. Hi Courtney,
    Thanks for joining Tea Time and what a wonderful table you have set for the occasion, Mother’s Day! I like your teapot centerpiece. Very creative and fresh. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Your tablescape is so lovely! Anyone would be thrilled to sit at it. I appreciate that you tell us where you got everything and how much it cost. It gives me good ideas. Thank you for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday!

  9. Dear Courtney,

    What a fabuous mothers day tea table tablescape!.., Every artistic detail is so artfully arranged and the details of where to find all of the components make it a dream to try to acquire the variou elements, should we so desire!

    Thanks for sharing this so generously with all of us!

    Thanks also for joining Pam and I for TTTT and also for, Tuesday Tea For Two. We’d love to have you join us again next week!

    Cheers from Wanda Lee

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  13. A beautiful table, Courtney! Those champagne flutes are gorgeous. The tea pots are fun filled with flowers. I would love to add one of your elephant tea pots to my tea pot collection. Thanks for the opportunity on your giveaway.

  14. I just discovered this blog today, while looking for ideas for a room
    i am redecorating and I am so excited. I LOVE your style and I’ve already been inspired to make changes in my house as I try to make my house more of a home. Thanks so much!

  15. I just discovered your blog and you do some really great work! Feel free to come check my blog out at

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