Mother’s Day Tablescape & One More Announcement…..

So the big news……. I’m Pregnant!


And should you ever hear someone say that  I was, you should seriously question their sanity or their grasp of basic biology and reproduction.

Actually the news is sorta like giving birth but in a creative sense.  A few months ago the kind people at got this crazy idea that I have a point of view and offered me a monthly column.  Yup folks, I am a columnist now joining the ranks of Dear Abby, Ask Heloise and Jackie Stallone (you didn’t know she had her own astrology column?).


So every month I will be dispensing lifestyle, entertaining and design advice all packaged in the “Courtney Out Loud” way – minus the dirty words and sexual innuendos.  This month I tackled creating a Mother’s Day Tablescape that is young, colorful, bright and full of easy DIY projects along with a few designer secrets…….


I love how the table turned out and think it’s one of the best designs I have done to date.  It’s hip and approachable but still looks like you went broke creating it.  I break everything down from the place settings to the flower arrangements so you can create your own version at home.

Swing by the site and take a look and stay tuned for my June column – it will knock your socks off — metaphorically as I don’t condone violence even if it is to socks….

Have a great weekend and take a little time to enjoy the day!

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Mother’s Day Table Breakdown & May Give Away

Thanks for the kind words on the Mother’s Day table!  I received confirmation from Shauna that she loved the table and will be executing something similar very soon.  But as promised, here is a quick breakdown of the table…..

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Mother’s Day Tablescape

I received an email from one of my long-time readers,  Shauna.  She is a retired grandmother in a Southern state who was one of the first people to start reading my blog and has always been a kind supporter sending encouraging emails throughout the last year.  As usual her email opened up talking about her grandchildren (whom she adores) and the woes that are common to being a mother to three adult children.  One of the things she mentioned in her email was that her children said that her style was “fussy” because she likes traditional china with floral motifs and woodland scenes.

“They say I am being fuddy duddy because I want to set a nice table when they come visit.  I don’t think it’s being old fashioned to set a table that is pretty?  Just like I like to dress up when I go out to dinner, I think setting a proper table for special occassions is important, well at least to me.”

Shauna laments that she is worried that her “grandbabies” will grow up thinking that nice dinners “come from a box”.  At the end of the email, she asked me if I would do a table setting with more traditional china to show her how to mix things up and effectively “get her daughter to put a sock in it..” (her words….not mine!).

Hmmm…..traditional china into a modern tablescape?  I know it can be done, but the challenge was how to do it and not have it looked forced.  Second, where the hell was I gonna find some traditional china since all my dish sets are fairly contemporary.  One word – resale shop.  I went to my local second-hand shop and stumbled up a beautiful set of teacups and saucers in a delicate yellow and blue floral motif.  It also didn’t hurt that they were on mark down!  SCORE!

So with a starting point, I did what I always do – I shopped my home to find what I already had to pull the look together.  After doing some digging, I unearthed some tea pots I bought at Pier One last year that inspired the centerpieces and the notion that I would do a Mother’s Day Tea on my patio.  Usually I brainstorm an imaginary client to center the tablescape around but I already had my muse in Shauna.  Strong, sassy and a tad traditional, Shauna exudes the type of grandmother I think any person would want.  She bakes cookies, occasionally rides a Harley and has a killer closet full of beautiful shoes (oh yeah Shauna is a shoe addict – YSL, Gucci, Choos – yup this lady loves her some heels).  So I knew that I had some leeway in creating a tablescape that was traditional but definitely not stuffy.

I think I was able to integrate the traditional with the modern (plus sneak in some booze into the mix just fro you Shauna).  I will do a full breakdown of the table on Monday with additional pictures as well as tell you about an awesome give away.  However, until then, have a fantastic weekend and to all the wonderful ladies who have provided nurturing, love and support to all those around them, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

ps: Shauna, I hope you like the tablescape.  It’s a little bit of sass with whole lot of class…just like you darlin’!

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