Vintage Score: Heath Ceramic Plates

Last week I had to run some errands in San Francisco on Friday and decided to stop by a new vintage/resale shop I found near the Haight.  It is called The Other Shop and it is an adorable place full of goodies and incredibly well-organized.  Wondering through the different booths, I ran across a sign that makes any shopper’s heart aflutter…….

So being a good shopper, I sidestepped the old lady blocking the aisle and dove right in.  After digging though a few random items such as a box of ashtrays and plastic bags filled with random toy pieces, I happened up what I think is a major win!  I found what I thought was a set of 7 pristine vintage Heath dinner plates.  Quickly flipping the plates over, I found out they were indeed Heath plates!  Even better was that the set was on sale for about $30 – SCORE!  I confirmed with the sales clerk that the dishes were indeed part of the sale and was happily assured that those bad boys were so I quickly bought them before anyone changed their mind.

I love the brown and tan colorations!  I love their heft and the way they feel in my hands.  Yet I am torn on whether I will use them as regular plates or will I hang them on the wall in my kitchen.  I have a wall in mind and I think they will look stunning all lined up.

So what do you think?  Should I use them for food or for decoration?


2 thoughts on “Vintage Score: Heath Ceramic Plates

  1. Gorgeous table setting!! Great finds! As for you comment over at my blog, I have this to say:
    you know nothing would make me happier! I am thinking if we did the Sarah/Tommy gig new name: Shannon/Courtney, like you suggested, then would we have to film in Kansas??? since it’s the halfway point? or would we shoot 1/2 our episodes in San Fran and the other 1/2 in the NC mountains? These are all details that we must sort out, my friend 😉 But, I can guarantee it would be fun to watch, right?!

  2. I remember touring the Heath factory many years ago in Sausalito. That brings back memories. Your dishes were a great find at an amazing price, Courtney!

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