Motivational Mondays: Handling Frustration …..


Some people hate Mondays.  I hate Sundays.  They fill me with angst because I know Sunday night when I open my email box to see what my week ahead holds, I am typically greeted with at least one problem/issue/compliant from a particular client.  Regardless of what I have done, it isn’t quite right.  Whatever piece has been bought, it isn’t what they expected.  No matter the level of work done in the space by trades, something is off.

It’s frustrating.  It’s tiring.  And you know what, it’s part of the business of what I do.  I was talking with my mentor as well as a colleague of hers via social media and they both said that this is part of the learning curve.  It’s part of understanding the vendors to do business with.  It’s part of understanding what trades to bring to a job.  It’s part of determining what clients to engage with as partners.  It’s business, so I need to grow a pair and learn how to handle mine.

Not exactly a pep talk and not exactly a reality check but it does drive the point home that frustration is part of success.  If it comes easy, what lessons did you learn?  Not saying that everything has to  be a struggle, but I am growing as a designer and businessman, learning things every day.  Frustration simply means my head is in the game, I have passion in my heart and a desire to achieve.  You don’t get frustrated if you aren’t trying, so keep pushing forward.

So this week, I challenge each of you to look at your frustration and channel that angst into passion.  And that passion into fuel to drive your success.  Have a GREAT week…..

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