Loving Out Loud: Modernica’s Alpine Bed

Happy Monday!

It is raining cats and dogs here in the Bay Area, driving me to do nothing but lounge in bed, sip tea and read design magazines…… NOT!  Sadly, even with all the rain, I have been running about for clients.  This weekend, I presented a series of design boards for a new client’s master bedroom.  They are a fun couple who I love working with; their attitude has been “push the boundaries and let’s see where the design can go…”  Honestly as a budding designer, there are no sweeter words to my ears…..well aside from “unlimited budget”.

In any case, one of the items that I presented to them as the Alpine Bed by LA-based furniture company Modernica:

Made of only 8 piece of wood, the Alpine Bed is the epitome of minimalist chic.  It is sculptural in form and has almost tactile quality to it….I literally just want to rub my hands along the curved wood.  It’s masculine without being too modern and modern without being austere.  If you can’t tell, I am sorta in love with this bed.

While the bed is stunning, after discussing other aspects of the room’s design with the client, we eventually opted not to go with it.  However, I have a VERY strong feeling that this bed will end up in one of other designs in the near future.

So how did you spend your weekend?  Lounge in bed, knock out some chores or watch the 49ers lose (sorry I had to throw in a little SF/Bay pride)?

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