Fire Bowl Quandary

So I have a dilemma –

I am torn on whether to make my own fire bowl using this piece of pottery I found at a stone/pottery yard….

The bowl itself is 25 in in diameter and $80 thanks to my haggling. To add river rocks, a fire grate and gel insert containers it would be another $80-$100. In total, it would cost $160-$180 to complete this DIY project.


I could simply buy a prefabricated bowl approximately the same size for about $220 from

fire bowl
So I need to decide, is saving $50 worth it? After all, this will contain FIRE in some form, so if done incorrectly, there could be repercussions. I would hate to burn something down (aka my house) or worse have someone hurt due to my “burning” need to DIY. But $50 is enough to buy a few final touches for the patio.

Okay, am I just being cheap? What do y’all think?

12 thoughts on “Fire Bowl Quandary

  1. I say do they DIY. I am total tight wad so $50 is a big deal. As long as you park a little further away from the house the first time and don’t leave it unattended you should be fine. Safety first!

  2. LOL ok Courtney I was thinking about making one as well. I voted man up and diy! I think you can do it without burning the house down! Go ahead if it doesn’t work the first time try it again until you get it right!!

    By the way I haven’t come up with any plans yet on how I’m going to build mine, but when I do I’ll let you know…. ( my budget want be as big as your tho)…LOL!!


  3. But how COOL would it be to be able to tell your guests every single time they come over for the next 80 years that you made that fire bowl yourself?!

  4. I would buy the Amazon one because of the implied warranty, etc. If the bowl cracked or something, they would fix it. I would not be too comfortable making my own. What if the bowl you bought is not fire proof. Doesn’t Target have something that would be just as good? Check But then, you need a centerpiece to your new patio area.

  5. Yup – make your own! That way you can brag to friends when they come over and oooh and ahhh. Plus – if it doesnt work out all those fire bowls will soon be on clearance…in, like, 2 months or so!

  6. It’s difficult to see the finish from the Amazon pic, however, the stone yard options look so much better. The colors appear to be more natural and less fabricated.
    The great thing about stone is that it doesn’t catch on fire. The gel is very safe and controllable and it won’t combust turning your patio into a big fireball. Good luck!

  7. I’ve been reading your fire bowl posts with interest as I’m looking to grab one for our backyard. But, um…I just got this in my inbox today and am now slightly fearful of gel inserts now. Thought I’d share…


    There have been reports of accidents involving gel fuel and firepots. In connection with these reports, we have suspended the sale of these products.

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning consumers to take precautions when using gel fuel and firepots, and to add fuel only when flames are extinguished and the container is cool to the touch. For the full text of the Consumer Product Safety Commission statement, click here.

    If you or anyone you know has purchased these products we urge you to check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at from time to time for updates on this issue.

  8. Love the firebowl idea – it’ll be perfect on the patio. But, like you said if done incorrectly could cause some major issues for you and your neighbors! I would just go with the one from Amazon – it’s not too much extra. Or do a little more shopping around – I bet Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Home Goods, etc. would have a cheaper one!

  9. OMG, there are hazards with driving to Home Depot or wherever to get the dang thing! Make it yourself and then you can take pride in your creation as well as teach others!!!

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