Fire Bowl Quandary

So I have a dilemma –

I am torn on whether to make my own fire bowl using this piece of pottery I found at a stone/pottery yard….

The bowl itself is 25 in in diameter and $80 thanks to my haggling. To add river rocks, a fire grate and gel insert containers it would be another $80-$100. In total, it would cost $160-$180 to complete this DIY project.


I could simply buy a prefabricated bowl approximately the same size for about $220 from

fire bowl
So I need to decide, is saving $50 worth it? After all, this will contain FIRE in some form, so if done incorrectly, there could be repercussions. I would hate to burn something down (aka my house) or worse have someone hurt due to my “burning” need to DIY. But $50 is enough to buy a few final touches for the patio.

Okay, am I just being cheap? What do y’all think?