I Have An “Ace” In My Pocket….

For Valentine’s Day, The Partner and I went to a small Basque restaurant in San Francisco.  I can’t say the dinner was fantastic, but it was nice to get a little dressed up, sit like civilized adults and chat leisurely over a 4-course meal.  The fact that I got to spend time with The Partner outside the house was a nice enough gift, but then my dear sweetheart of a partner upped the ante. 

He pulled an ace out of his pocket literally……

He booked us a weekend in Palm Springs at the ACE Hotel!  That sly dog totally pulled a fast one on me since I thought we were not buying presents this year.  However, I am super excited about the trip since the ACE Hotel is quite cool.  I was your typical mid-century road side motel …. the before pictures remind me of  the Bates Motel.  Fortunately, a multi-million dollar redesign and face lift has gotten rid of the creepy vibe.  The  hotel is now filled with mid-century finds and a kick-ass pool!

I am even more excited for the trip because Palm Spring is mecca of mid-century cast-offs from what I have been reading.  From hotel liquidators to resale shops galore, the area is chocked full of goodies to be discovered.  I am taking out the back seats out from the SUV in anticipation of finding a gem.

I am SO ready for this trip! 

Again, I have to thank The Partner for this unexpected and simply awesome Valentine’s Day present. 

Any recommendations on where to go in Palm Springs?


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