Men’s Style: Out & About In Winter White …

I think one of the reasons I have had such a hard time getting into the holiday spirit is because I have not been dressing the part.  It’s hard to be full of Christmas cheer when you are sweating in short sleeves and flip flops. The mild climate is one of the many wonderful things about living in Northern California but the East Coaster in me prefers my Christmas season to be cold, snowy and blanketed in white.  Evidently Mother Nature heard my silent pleas and sent a cold snap across the country.  While this cold front caused a major case of the “bah humbugs” among most people, for me it was a welcome icy kick in the bum to knock me off my grumpy perch.

Inspired, I quickly pulled together a new set of looks for my annual Men’s Style series that celebrated the emergence of wintery holiday season but with my unique (and at times warped) take on dressing.  Kicking things off, I am doing the unthinkable – championing Winter White.  For some reason this hue (or lack thereof) seems to scare almost everyone but one I find incredibly chic.  Winter white is the perfect base upon which to layer a fun coat and pile on the accessories.  Paired with a pair winter boots and you may have the perfect out to run errands or deliver your perfectly wrapped gifts to family and friends who are too afraid to venture into the frigid holiday wonderland…….






[trenchcoat: black fleece for brooks brothers//turtleneck: ralph lauren purple//pants: kenneth cole//boots: coach]

Jonesing for your own winter white outfit?  See below for a modified twist on what I consider to be a holiday [outfit] classic…….

Steal The Look_WinterWhite2[1//2//3//4]

Check back next week for a special edition of Men’s Style: Holiday Edition talking to the point of what to do when the invitation states “black tie”…..

[photo credit:  aubrie pick//styling: courtney lake]

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PopSugar Home Profile: San Francisco High Rise….

This week PopSugar Home (formerly Casa Sugar) profiled one of my San Francisco projects.  Over the last two years, I have worked pretty extensively in the One Hawthorne building in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco.  The modern high-rise is completely new construction and has fantastic amenities the least being walking distance all that downtown SF has to offer.

The concept for the space was “Quiet Riot” — the clients loved a variety of different styles and had a few dissimilar pieces they wanted to incorporate into the final design.  I really took cues from how the clients planned to live in the space — they aren’t huge party throwers and lead rather hectic professional lives.  The condo was their place of recoup, reenergize and reconnect.  However, they have great personalities full of humor and wit so I wanted the final design to also reflect that.  Finally, they had two adorable cats that have free reign over the space, so everything we put into the condo had to be cat-tested and approved.  Which on a side note, is NO easy task thanks so their “adorable predisposition” of sharpening their claws on very expensive furniture.  But with a little trial-and-error and some smart material choices, we were able to create a space that feels modern, luxe but approachable…….




For the full story and additional pictures of the space, visit PopSugar Home.  If you are looking for interior design assistance in the Bay Area, please feel free to
contact me
to get more information on the services I provide!

I am off for vacation in Hawaii to celebrate a friend’s wedding as well as a few days to of doing nothing.  I say this not to rub it in but I inform that I may be a bit spotty with my blogging next week….you know being how hard it is to balance a packed schedule of drinking, eating pineapple and sunbathing……ALOHA!

[photo credit: photo by Adza]

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The Coldest Winter I Have Ever Spent …..

Twain Quote

Only in the Bay Area can folks experience seasonal affect disorder during the Summer.  Locals have affectionately nicknamed the proverbial fog layer that envelopes the city, “Karl”.  Why Karl?  I don’t know but it kinda fits the moody, lumbering way that the fog tends to roll over the hills and into neighborhoods.  Occasionally, Karl will lose his grip and one will be able to frolic in appropriate Summer attire, but for the most part, you are stuck with using the trusty layering approach to dressing:  tee, sweater/jacket and scarf.  In this way, you can begin to peel layers off as the fog dissipates (if it ever does).

So when my friends over at Mark & Graham asked if I would model (and I use that term loosely) for them showing folks how I would style their Armour Lux Cotton Scarf, I was happy to oblige.

CLake Armor Scarf

Since Bay Area summers can be lacking in sunlight, I tend to gravitate towards bright colors.  The red and white stripes on the scarf are the perfect preppy accent to my usual Summer uniform of chinos, denim jacket, white tee/button down and Converse.  Slim enough to be worn as a ascot (seriously, I do wear ascots) but still warm enough to fight off the morning chill, the Armour scarf is perfect to keeping my in my “murse” (aka man purse) and whipping out should I need an extra layer.  However, what I love most is the little “C” that is embroidered on the edge of the scarf.

Armor Luxe Striped Cotton Scarf

As with all Mark & Graham products, you can personalize it with your monogram selecting from a variety of fonts.  I don’t know why that little letter makes me so giddy but it does!

What makes me even more giddy is that Mark & Graham has teamed up with its sister brand, Pottery Barn to give away FIVE of the Armour Lux Cotton Scarves.   Head over to the Pottery Barn blog, Inside & Out to find out how you can enter to win as well read not only my interview but that of four other Bay Area creatives on how they handle Summers here in the area.

With my new scarf in tow, I am off to find a 160″ drapery rod– evidently this length can only be forged in to fiery depths of Mordor (or ordered online).  In either case, it’s a pain to deal with.  Have a great weekend and if you wanted a laugh, check out my Facebook page to see what I keep in my “murse”……

[image credits: Pottery Barn/Courtney Lake]

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