Men’s Style: Out & About In Winter White …

I think one of the reasons I have had such a hard time getting into the holiday spirit is because I have not been dressing the part.  It’s hard to be full of Christmas cheer when you are sweating in short sleeves and flip flops. The mild climate is one of the many wonderful things about living in Northern California but the East Coaster in me prefers my Christmas season to be cold, snowy and blanketed in white.  Evidently Mother Nature heard my silent pleas and sent a cold snap across the country.  While this cold front caused a major case of the “bah humbugs” among most people, for me it was a welcome icy kick in the bum to knock me off my grumpy perch.

Inspired, I quickly pulled together a new set of looks for my annual Men’s Style series that celebrated the emergence of wintery holiday season but with my unique (and at times warped) take on dressing.  Kicking things off, I am doing the unthinkable – championing Winter White.  For some reason this hue (or lack thereof) seems to scare almost everyone but one I find incredibly chic.  Winter white is the perfect base upon which to layer a fun coat and pile on the accessories.  Paired with a pair winter boots and you may have the perfect out to run errands or deliver your perfectly wrapped gifts to family and friends who are too afraid to venture into the frigid holiday wonderland…….






[trenchcoat: black fleece for brooks brothers//turtleneck: ralph lauren purple//pants: kenneth cole//boots: coach]

Jonesing for your own winter white outfit?  See below for a modified twist on what I consider to be a holiday [outfit] classic…….

Steal The Look_WinterWhite2[1//2//3//4]

Check back next week for a special edition of Men’s Style: Holiday Edition talking to the point of what to do when the invitation states “black tie”…..

[photo credit:  aubrie pick//styling: courtney lake]

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Red Jeans…. Go To Lunch….

So my red jeans infatuation continues …..

After figuring out how to work the red jeans into my work wardrobe, which I thought would prove the hardest, I thought it would be smooth sailing to integrate the jeans into my every day wear.  Well, I was wrong.  Integrating the jeans into my normal rotation challenged me since every outfit I tried on made me feel like I was either (1) posing for a Christmas card or (2) was trying too hard.

Then it struck me — stick with what you know.  And I know my way around stripes and black and white, thus how the next outfit was born.  Sometimes the best advice is to keep it simple ……


Tomorrow, I finish off the series showing how my red jeans like to get their party on!

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Current Obsession….. Outerwear

The Bay Area’s Indian Summer is coming to an end.  The mornings are crisp with dew on the grass and a frosty bite to the air.  I make no qualms about loving this time of year if for nothing else but the clothing.  I am a sweater and jacket dude.  I have never found a sweater or leather coat I didn’t love.  I adore putting chunky sweaters with fitted vests, layering turtlenecks under bombers and wearing oversized cardigans over just about anything. 

I am a walking advertisement for all things Autumn so it pains me to look in my closet and realize that I have done little in the way of investment for this season.  True that I have more coats than I can shake a stick at, but there is that almost narcotic high that one gets from buying the “perfect” piece for their wardrobe.  Problem is ….well Poppa is working with a limited budget this time around and my caviar tastes need to rationed down considerably.  So I have set a budget and I can either blow it on one fab item or parcel it out….you know trying to be adult and all.  I have narrowed down my choices to the following…..

I love this leather jacket from All Saints especially the collar.  The leather is washed and distressed, making for the perfect kick around jacket.  I am seeing this as an everyday jacket with a turtleneck, skinny jeans and boots. 

Pros: Moderately priced. Can be worn casually. Can be worn in the rain.

Cons: May not be dressy enough. Trendy collar may become dated quickly.

This sweater coat from Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers is awesome.  Lined in shearling, it is super cozy and warm.  With San Francisco’s unpredictable weather, it is the perfect “go and grab” outerpiece for the season.  I see this dressed up or down with grey flannel trousers, a fitted button down and a pop of color from a belt.

Pros: It can take me into winter due to the shearling.  It is versatile.

Cons: Can’t wear a suit jacket under it. Not rain suitable. Expensive.

This shawl wrap sweater is pure drama thanks to the master Ralph Lauren.  Imagine being wrapped in cashmere every day on your errands.   Luxury at it’s finest in my opinion.  I can see this with jeans and sweater or as styled in the picture for a more formal engagement. 

Pros: Light enough to layer. Cashmere.

Cons: Not suitable for rain.  High drama for day wear. Durability.

It’s red. I love a bold statement and this red coat from Zara totally does it for me.  In your face and proud but in a classic trench cut.  It is a great piece and totally me.

Pros: Great color. Great price point. Classic cut.

Cons: Bold color. May be too trendy. Durability

So which one do you think I should get?  Leave a comment and let me know……

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