New Year Brings Changes …

I try to start every year with giving my home a good and thorough cleaning.  Whether it’s more symbolic or not, starting the year with my house in order just feels right.  When I started the blog in 2010, it was meant to be a vehicle to chronicle my journey through culinary school.  However, it quickly morphed into an online journal to track my growth (and occasional set-backs) as I embarked on a new career path – interior design.  I found myself opening my own small but thriving design firm, getting my own monthly online column and partnering with some amazing brands and collaborators.

But my house wasn’t in order.  I was working through a variety of channels to keep the business in check.  My business needed a “home” and in September of this year, I partnered with a fantastic firm to help fully flush out all the different facets of what I do and what I want to accomplish in the coming year.  Well, it’s all coming to a head in the  next two weeks as I will be able to officially début my new online “home”.  However, with all new things comes transition and change.  For me, that means that the moniker and blog that many of you know me as “Courtney Out Loud” will be shifting & morphing.  Actually, I like to think of it as growing up to meet the new demands of a growing business.

It’s a leap of faith or sometimes I think pure stupidity but I am grateful for this opportunity to be purely ignorant of what the future has in store.  Having spent the last 3 months nursing this baby, I know where I want it to go but don’t know what the journey will be and I am okay with that.  I spent almost 4 years building a home, inviting in the world to take a peek at this thing I call a life and a career.  And the response has been tremendous and I am forever grateful.  It’s because of you (and a lot of sleepless nights) that I stand on finish line ready to cross over.

I say all of this to let you know the site will be going dark for a few days as the development crew work their backend magic.  I don’t envy their task — 500+ blog posts, 1000s of comments and 1 very tense interior decorator watching over their shoulders.  But for the moment …….

Pardon My Mess

So its a new home for a new year and I can’t wait to invite you in!   But in the interim, I still will be posting & pinning away on PinterestTwitter and Insta.gram.

See you soon!

[photo credit: courtney lake]


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