New Year Brings Changes …

I try to start every year with giving my home a good and thorough cleaning.  Whether it’s more symbolic or not, starting the year with my house in order just feels right.  When I started the blog in 2010, it was meant to be a vehicle to chronicle my journey through culinary school.  However, it quickly morphed into an online journal to track my growth (and occasional set-backs) as I embarked on a new career path – interior design.  I found myself opening my own small but thriving design firm, getting my own monthly online column and partnering with some amazing brands and collaborators.

But my house wasn’t in order.  I was working through a variety of channels to keep the business in check.  My business needed a “home” and in September of this year, I partnered with a fantastic firm to help fully flush out all the different facets of what I do and what I want to accomplish in the coming year.  Well, it’s all coming to a head in the  next two weeks as I will be able to officially début my new online “home”.  However, with all new things comes transition and change.  For me, that means that the moniker and blog that many of you know me as “Courtney Out Loud” will be shifting & morphing.  Actually, I like to think of it as growing up to meet the new demands of a growing business.

It’s a leap of faith or sometimes I think pure stupidity but I am grateful for this opportunity to be purely ignorant of what the future has in store.  Having spent the last 3 months nursing this baby, I know where I want it to go but don’t know what the journey will be and I am okay with that.  I spent almost 4 years building a home, inviting in the world to take a peek at this thing I call a life and a career.  And the response has been tremendous and I am forever grateful.  It’s because of you (and a lot of sleepless nights) that I stand on finish line ready to cross over.

I say all of this to let you know the site will be going dark for a few days as the development crew work their backend magic.  I don’t envy their task — 500+ blog posts, 1000s of comments and 1 very tense interior decorator watching over their shoulders.  But for the moment …….

Pardon My Mess

So its a new home for a new year and I can’t wait to invite you in!   But in the interim, I still will be posting & pinning away on PinterestTwitter and Insta.gram.

See you soon!

[photo credit: courtney lake]

Christmas Play List …

I have a horrible, dark secret to share…..

I am not a fan of Christmas music.  I spent my fair share of holidays working retail in my younger days.  When you are subjected to holiday music starting in October that is on repeat from anywhere to 4 to 12 hours at a time, you start to develop tics.  To this day, I break out into a cold sweat when “A  Holly Jolly Christmas” comes on the radio.  But I also know how incredibly important music is to setting an overall mood, so I asked my assistant Michelle to help me curate a playlist that could lift my spirits but not leave me in a state of music PTSD.

Working from her favorite Spotify music selections Michelle created a playlist that was both naughty and nice; a healthy dose of indy rock punctuated with some traditional tunes.  It’s just want this Grinch needed to finally get himself 100% into the holiday spirit…..

[click here or on the image below to start playlist]

Song Collage

Okay, I am off to run those errands that always seem to creep up at the last minute but at last now I have a sound track for the day!  Have a great weekend and good luck with last minute shopping!!!!

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Holiday Cards With …

There are some things I never procrastinate on.  Taxes are always promptly paid.  I hover by the dryer waiting for the buzzer to go off so I can fold laundry.  Yet, come the holidays, I can barely muster the energy to send Christmas cards.  I think partially because I can never quite find a card that seems like “me” and those that I do find that I love cost more than what it would be to send an actual gift to the person.  So I am typically left in a sticky situation of sending cards that I don’t like or sending nothing at all.

Thankfully, is stepping up to the plate to help me with my card paralysis.  While I have used for a variety of business card and stationary related tasks, it never occurred to me to use them for holiday cards.  Seriously, sometimes the answers are right under your nose! Their Christmas photo cards were the perfect solution for my quandary  – tons of easy to use templates and I could upload any picture I wanted.  The hardest part was deciding which template I liked best and which picture(s) to use.  Since I already had an account with the process of creating a card using their template wizard was about the same amount of time I spend waiting on microwave popcorn.  Matter of fact, the templates were so easy to use that I sorta got carried away and made three different cards……

Sugar Minted

[merry scriptmas christmas photo card template]

Spice Minted

[joyful script christmas photo card template]

Nice 2 Minted

[shimmering joy christmas photo card template]

So which one should be my official card for this year – sugar, spice or something nice?  With onscreen approval and two-day delivery, you still have time to get the cards in the mail and look like one of Santa’s rockstar elves and not the Grinch!

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[disclaimer:  this is a sponsored post from however, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.]

50 Gifts Under $100 for Your Abode …

Recently I have become privy a new behavior among my clients – well specifically among their family and friends.  I am now being asked to suggest gifts they could buy for their loved ones to complete a space.  You see, more times than not, budgets never quite stretch far enough to fully flush out a design with all the bells, whistles, tidbits and little snippets of beauty I would like to see in a space.  While still quite lovely, the rooms are not as beautiful as I envisioned with their final layer of “zhushing”.

It’s a beautiful thing that friends and family are stepping up to the plate.  Rather than buying yet another bottle of wine, they are asking what vase they could buy for the shelf, which throw would work on the sofa or would this pillow work in the bedroom.  It fills my heart with cheer and selfishly fuels my design soul as I get to see my concepts come to a true and fabulous end.

So to help, I curated a great holiday guide in my Joy & Revelry shop that is 50 home decor items for under $100.  Cute, fun, sexy, chic and everything in between, this collection has something for all my clients at various price points.  Here are some of my favorite picks…

Joy & Revelry 2


Even better is that through the weekend (midnight PST December 15) I am giving you 15% off everything in the store.  Use the code REVELINMYJOY at the checkout to receive the discount.

Head over to the store to see all 50 selections and start shopping!

Gift Guide for the Pampered Pooch ….

I am a proud pet owner.  If you follow me on Instagram you will probably know that it is littered with snapshots of my pup, Scruffy….

Scruffy Collage

I love that little mutt like he is member of the family, so it makes sense that as Christmas approaches, I am searching for the perfect little something to stuff into his stocking (and yes he has a stocking).  If I was a betting man, I think that there is a strong possibility that one (ok two..) of these items may find their way into Scruffy’s life come Christmas morn …

pampered pooch gift guideClockwise: Petite Doggie Rope “Cigars” // Ralph Lauren Fair Isle Dog Sweater // Porcelain Geo Bone Dog Bowl // Union Made Hand Dyed Ombre Dog Leash // Jax & Bones, Jerry the Giraffe Dog Toy // TheArtfulPet Custom Pet Portrait // Collapsible Water Bowl

Typically I am against dressing up animals as little humans but I think I may break my rule for that Ralph Lauren doggy sweater.  ACK!  I can justify it by stating that is has been unseasonably cold this year in California.  But honestly, while the sweater may help fight the chill for Scruffy, it 100% warms my heart!

Don’t miss our other gift guides:  Stylish Finds for the Stylish Lass and the Non-Girly Gift Guide for Guys…..

Now if you excuse me, it’s time for Scruffy’s walk and I don’t want to be late!

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