Loving Out Loud: Macrame …

Sometimes my designs take on a life of their own.  I am working on a new design project for a client in San Francisco who is seeking a modern take on “California Living”.  He doesn’t want mid-century modern, flea market vintage or minimalist chic — he wants that perfect hybrid that looks eclectic but curated with a healthy dose of wood tones.  After talking with him and pitching the concept, I am confident that I have captured what he wants, but the one thing that has me tied into knots (pun intended) is that I have this overwhelming need/want/desire to incorporate macrame into the space.

Yes I said it…macrame.  The bane of many a home econ and craft projects in the 1970s may be making an appearance in one of my designs.


Macrame Collage

Kinda cool right?  This isn’t your Grandma’s plant holder we are talking about.  This is fiber art in its best form — large, uninhibited and free.  This IS the embodiment of the California ethos — off kilter, kooky and doing its own thing.  I think these modern macrame marvels would be perfect for the bedroom.  Now lets see what the client thinks………

[photo credit: ouch flowers/himoart/sally england]

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4 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Macrame …

  1. I’m a fan of the macrame. And I owe it to the Ace Hotel in Portland. They upgraded me to a room with macrame hanging over the bed and sofa. Loved it! I photographed it and featured the hotel on my site.

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