Thank You……

Tortoise and the Hare wind-up Toys on a Track.

I think the above quote really explains perfectly the last 72 hours.

To give a brief refresher, the team over at Modenus gave five bloggers the opportunity of a lifetime.  Simply put, we were given 36 hours to garner as many votes as possible to win a week-long trip to the UK to attend the London Design Festival.  So starting Friday through Saturday afternoon, it was a flurry of tweeting, emailing, Facebook posting, texting and tried and true groveling to garner as many votes as possible before the deadline.

And guess what?  I won… 24 votes.  Literally a handful of votes and I am overwhelmed by the sense of tenacity, love and support that I received from everyone.  I always knew you were supportive, but you all became my team — strangers were texting their friends asking for support.  Readers were tweeting and posting on my behalf.  Friends were asking mere acquaintances to vote for me.  My dream and goal became the unified goal of everyone else and it was amazing.  It was your tenacity to the end that helped me win and I don’t take that for granted.

I am touched beyond belief and actually quite emotional.  While it is great to win and be able to spend time in London, the win is deeper than that.  The sense of community I felt this weekend was nothing short of amazing.  Working for yourself can feel very insular at times and this was a huge wake-up call to me.  I am part of this amazing community of caring, dynamic and kind individuals who value my journey and are adding to my story.

So as London approaches, lets start writing this new chapter and see where it takes us.  Thank you again with all my heart…….

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