Play Date: 2013 Peninsula Volunteers’ Decorator Show House …

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Peninsula Volunteer’s Decorator Show House.  San Francisco tends to have the strong hold on show houses with the occasional one popping up in Marin, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear that the Peninsula was finally getting its proper respect in over a decade!  Nestled in the hills of Woodside, CA the Show House is an 11,000 square foot (yes houses that big do exist) of beautifully decorated and appointed rooms.  It was eye candy and inspiration as I walked through each room and got the opportunity to meet each of the designers and discuss their vision behind their designs.  Truth be told, the press tour was only meant to be 2 hours and over-stayed my visit by an hour….I just so inspired albeit the valets didn’t share my enthusiasm partially because I think they wanted to go home!

If you have time to visit the Show House I would recommend it!  Take a Saturday, grab lunch in Palo Alto and drive up.  The door donation supports a fantastic cause and I am sure you will leave a bit more inspired to do some sprucing up in your own home!

Here are some highlights from the tour……

Warren Sheets: Living Room



I loved that Warren used purple which I think is a highly underutilized color in design.  It’s deep hues almost act like a neutral in this room which makes the splash of yellow just sing!

Morgan Design Group: Dining Room

MorganDesignGroup_Dining MorganDesignGroup_Dining2

I loved this room from the chandelier to the place settings.  It was an homage to the movie Clue….and FYI, the designer did it in the dining room with the scissors…..

Emily Taylor:  Library

Emily Taylor Library Emily Taylor Library 2Hello drama!  I loved all the painted woodwork in this room….it as moody, sexy and just the right amount of comfortable formality…….

Christine Sheldon: First Floor Bedroom

ChristineSheldonGuestRoom ChristineSheldon2

My pictures don’t do the room justice…it was just light filled and full of color and pattern.  I seriously wanted to spend the afternoon in that room!

Sabrina Alfin: Garden Room

SabrinaAlfinGardenRoom SabrinaAlfin2

Any time you can bring the outdoors in, I am all for it!  This room contained all “green” materials (pun intended) from recycled cloth to vintage finds to the living walls.  I loved how the designer created a pattern using the plants…..

Terri Pollard: Equestrian Room (2nd Floor)

TerriPollardEqRoom TerriPollard2One part horse lover and one part awesome kids room…..if I was a girl and loved horses, I would be all over this!  I especially love the two frames above the bed filled with dressage ribbons…..

Melodie Rubin: Guest Retreat (2nd Floor)

MelodieRubinBedroom MelodieRubin2I loved the light feel of this room and especially was smitten with the chandelier.  It’s over the top yet quietly centers the room…..

Jana Fung: Guest Bathroom

JanaFungBathroomThe designer tasked herself with using what the bathroom had already.  So this is just paint, stencil and some new surfaces.  Amazing how big of an impact can be had without changing the foot print of a room…..

Johnny Moallempour: Master Bedroom

JohnnyMoeallempourMAsterBed JohnnyMoeallempourMasterBed2

I loved how the designer mixed contemporary with traditional pieces to bring the room into the present.  What I especially love is the onyx table that anchored the right side of the room….drool!

Johnny Moallempour: Master Bath

JohnnyMoeallempourMasterBath JohnnyMoeallempourMBath2

Oh this bathroom is gorg.  Seriously gorg.  OMG gorg.  I think I ended up with a designer crush on Johnny.  If you go to the space, pay special attention to the shower area and tell me what it is missing (but in the best way possible)…..

Scot Meacham Wood: Game Room

ScotMeechamWood_GameRoom ScotMeechamWood2 ScotMeechamWood_GameRoom3

[Scot Meacham Wood Photography by Nicolas Smith]

What does 104 yards of Lily Pulitizer fabric get you?  A game room to die for!  Draped in fabric styled to perfection.  I loved this room because it was such a bold statement for the end of the tour.  As Scot put it, “it’s the macaroon at the end of the design feast…”

And it truly was a feast for the eyes!  Hopefully you will be able to get out and see it for yourself!

Have a great weekend and be safe peeps!

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3 thoughts on “Play Date: 2013 Peninsula Volunteers’ Decorator Show House …

  1. Thank you for blogging about our rooms at the 2013 Peninsula Volunteers Decorator Show House in Woodside CA. All of the designers have made dramatic changes to their rooms and now the real fun starts by showing them off! Come check it out through May 24th. For more info and to buy tickets, go to
    Melodie Rubin
    House of Ruby Interior Design

  2. Courtney –

    Thank you SO much for coming to visit us at Showcase House! It’s always great seeing you – and thanks as well for the kind words about our little “Card Room!”


  3. Courtney: When you walked into the Room I knew you were “special” — thanks for visiting the Show House and making such SPLASH in your Blog about it!! Thank you for sharing the images of the Young Lady’s Retreat and rosey remarks the Equestrian lifestyle and the First Place Ribbons! I hope to see you soon — you were a treat to meet!


    Teri Pollard

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