Motivational Mondays: Luck….


Luck is a strange thing.  Some people seem to mired in it — seriously they walk out the door and find a $20 bill.  They buy a lottery ticket and win the grand prize.  They walk into a bar and Ryan Gosling starts buying them drinks.  Luck is their wing man…..

I on the other hand have never won anything in my life except for science fairs and scholarships.  Mind you those are all good things that I am grateful for but they aren’t “luck” per say.  In my life, my “luck” comes from careful timing, consideration and large amounts of work to be prepared for when an opportunity arises.  Luck is more my study buddy…..

But luck can you be on your side because there is one more day to enter the Joy & Revelry Pin It To Win Contest……


A list of the rules are pretty straight forward:

  • To enter you must be a member of Pinterest. To become a member of Pinterest, visit to request membership. Membership to Pinterest is free.
  • To enter the Sweepstakes, Head to Pinterest & create a board titled ”Revel & Enjoy Design ”
  • Pin at least 3 photos from the Joy & Revelry web site
  • Add at least three additional pins to show what inspires your personal design style
  • Tag your board with the hashtag #joyandrevelry
  • The 5 Style Mavens + one guest judge will vote to decide the most unique and creative board showing self expression
  • One Entry board per person permitted during the Sweepstakes Period.

So what are you waiting on?  Think about it, 6 pins could win you a $500 shopping spree.  You may be lucky but you gotta be in the contest to win it, so start pinning!

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