Back In Business….

Do you remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy wakes up to realize that it was all a dream?  How happy she was to see Auntie Em and the rest of the gang? 

Well that is how I feel right now — I missed y’all.  Every last stinkin’ one of you.

I am still waiting on my laptop but The Partner  (who is better than ice cream on a hot day) loaned me his laptop, so I am back in business.

I promise fun and witty posts in multitudes next week.

But until then, it feels good to be back!  However, because I felt bad for my absence, I did a little housekeeping on the blog.  Check out my new logo — kinda snazzy huh? 


5 thoughts on “Back In Business….

  1. Well, I’m glad my computer is going to good use. BTW, I have changed the home pages of all the hotel’s computers to your blog so that all the Aussies that are here on vacation can discover the wonderfulness of your blog. Love you!

  2. Yes, the header is nice, distinctive. If you don’t have a laptop, can’t you go to the local library and use their’s? I would die without my computer, not that I get that much email, but I just need to find out all the news. I got an Ipad so that I could use it in the car. It is also a little lighter than a Mac Air so when I fly I can take that. So how are the plants in the patio faring? Ann

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