Tis the Season……

There is no denying that the holiday season is officially in full swing!  I spent the weekend finalizing the Thanksgiving table setting, running to the Oakland Flower Market and meeting up with my seamstress to do final touches on the tablecloths.  Most of my friends see holiday entertaining as a sprint that they are just trying to get through as quickly as possible.  For  myself, holiday entertaining is a marathon – an endless array of choices, shopping excursions and decisions.  It truly is the BEST time of year!  The holidays bring out the party planner in me. This weekend, I went and bought Post-It Notes so I could make lists and label platters. I started unpacking decorations for Christmas and brainstorming door wreaths.  I am officially in the zone.  In many ways, I feel quite similar to the woman in the Target commercials that are currently on TV rotation.  Aside from them simply being hilarious, I do sorta take my holiday shopping seriously….actually I take all shopping seriously. If shopping was a sport, I would probably be in the Olympic Hall of Fame.  In any case, of all the Target commercials the one below is my favorite:


So to my fellow design addicts, shopaholics, menu planners, and list makers, I wish you each a  fantastic holiday season!  I look forward to being inspired by your creativity and fantastic projects. Speaking of projects, I promise to have pictures of the table setting and as well as the new tablecloths posted by tomorrow!

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