More From the Dabble Magazine Halloween Tablescape Shoot….

As promised, here are some additional shots from the Dabble Magazine Halloween tablescape shoot.  My goal was to recycle many of the pieces I already owned from last year’s table and tweak them in an interesting way for the magazine shoot.  After an afternoon drive to wine country, I was enamored with soft greens of the vineyards mixed with the amber and browns of the dried grass on the rolling hills.  This inspired not only the color palette for the shoot but the elements I would use to tweak the overall look of the tablescape.  Dried flora, moss, grasses and leaves all served as perfect “naturally spooky” background I wanted to create for the table.

San Francisco-based photographer for the shoot, Samantha Cooper, working her magic along with her honorary assistant Scruffy….

I loved mixing some glam accents such as the Chisel Glassware from Z Gallerie (similar) to break up the natural elements of the tablescape….

Green in all its different shades was the dominate color for the tablescape from the green moss placemats to the West Elm grellow linen napkins which were the perfect offset to the wood handled flatware from Sur La Table (similar).

Sadly, we weren’t able to work the fantastic bar I created into the Dabble story, but I loved how I was able to turn my kitchen island into a spooky bar for all the ghouls and goblins to wet their whistles.  Simply using cobwebs and dried grass from the Dollar Store, branches from my yard, my existing glassware, the Artesia Decanter from Z Gallerie as well as their Phantom Candelabra I was able to kit out the bar.

The centerpiece for the shoot was massive.  It was three feet high and had a span just over that, but it was the perfect canopy to trail dried grass, perch crows and weave LED candles in to create an eerily beautiful focal point.

And here is a final shot that Samantha got which I think sums up the day perfectly —  that blur in the back …. it’s me running to duck out of the shot.  I have never been so happy to sit down in my entire life!  But it was a great shoot and I am grateful to Dabble Magazine for giving me the opportunity.

Now that I have the table planned, I just need to fill it with some yummy treats!  Check out on Friday for some delicious and quick bites for your Halloween fete!

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Z Gallerie Gift Card Winner & Shot of Yellow……

So first things first, give a big ol’ congrats to the winner of the Z Gallerie Gift Card Give Away…..

Congratulations to Amy of the blog Eat. Sleep. Decorate.   Amy check your email for a message from me on next steps.  And to those of you who didn’t win, there are other give aways planned this Spring, so keep reading, commenting and being in general awesome people and your time for some free swag will come!

But do you know what it is time for?  Sunshine.  Honestly, the Bay Area has been cold, rainy and just plain dreary.  It’s like being in Seattle but without the good coffee or the abundance of plaid.  For myself, I am currently craving something yellow – that happy and bright hue that dares you not to smile when you see it.  And to satisfy my inner nerd, did you know that yellow has been shown to stimulate thinking and analysis?  A shot of yellow in an office may be the  perfect thing to counteract your afternoon slump.  So rather than grabbing a mocha around 3pm, grab a yellow highlighter and a yellow sticky pad and run around your office.  True that your co-workers will probably report you to HR as having flipped your wig, but on the positive side, you will have kicked your caffeine  habit!  Now with all that extra cash from not buying coffee, take a gander at all the ways you can blow your wad on something yellow …….

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Reminder: Z Gallerie Gift Card Give Away

So while Mother Nature gave us an extra hour of daylight (thanks daylight savings!), I am  looking to give you $50 in Z Gallerie gift cards!  The give away ends tonight at midnight PST, so get cracking if you have not already entered.

Here are give away details one more time……

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And to answer a question that several people have asked me.  None of my contests or give aways are sponsored by companies (excluding the Shabby Apple Give Away I did a few months ago).  I do them because I appreciate my loyal peeps and as a way to attract new readers.  I try to do contests for things I would want to receive or for products/companies I love and use.  Everything I give is out of my pocket, so please don’t think that I am “in bed” with various companies and trying to do promotions on the sly (as at least two tweets and one email suggested).  At the end of the day, I try to run the blog with as much transparency as possible and just wanted to clear that up before it got twisted.

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