More Wood & Brass Lighting Awesomeness…..

If you have not guessed, I love wood and brass together.  If my last post regarding my new wood and brass chandelier did not affirm that notion, then maybe today’s will.  A few months ago, I found a killer brass and wood lamp at my favorite resale shop:

Unfortunately, it was missing a harp, needed some rewiring, new shade and the base had “lamp psoriasis”……

Or what I think everyone else would call rust.  However, none of those things deterred me because I saw how awesome this lamp could be with about an hour’s worth of effort.

Thanks to about 10 minutes of sanding of the base, 15 minutes of rewiring, 10 minutes of wood oiling and sealing and 20 minutes of spray painting, I was able to turn this puppy around…..

I was lucky enough to find the shade at Anthropology for $30 marked down from $129.  I love the fun pattern and colors of the shade……

To be perfectly honest, I am still on the fence regarding the shade.  Part of me feels that it may be too busy considering the lamp base already has a pattern.  However,  part of me loves the craziness of it.  It strikes me as very 70s chic – the brass, wood and ikat pattern.

So if I was to rate my newest brass and wood light it would rank around the level of 70s awesomeness…..well if awesome was Charlie’s Angels + Bionic Woman combined with spending the day on Fantasy Island before heading out to Studio 54 in a custom Halston leisure suit.

Yeah, I think the lamp is just that kind of awesome.

Happy Monday!!!!

Update 8/24/11: Submitted this project to the CSI Lamp Challenge

Brass + Wood = Lighting Goodness

The other day I visited my local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.  It’s not a place I frequent often because it’s usually an adventure due to its location.  However, each time I visit, I am always rewarded for my efforts.  The first time I went I scored the Jonathan Adler look-a-like lamp that resides in the Music Room.  The second time I ventured out, I snagged the brass candlesticks that graced my Valentines Day table.  Fortunately, for me, the third time proved just as lucrative as I was able to score this brass and wood delight…..

Chandlier Brass Wood
Brass + Wood = Brass Woody Awesome Chandelier

The brass is brushed perfection and the wood is a wonderful warm hue that I am positive will  compliment my dining room/kitchen.

Aside from a small stain on one of the wood arms and slight tarnishing on one area of the brass, this chandy is almost in perfect condition.  My fingers are crossed that the wiring isn’t shot, but even if I do need to rewire, it was a steal at $25. Once it is determined that it’s working, I am envisioning large clear globe bulbs similar to these:

Oh, I have big plans for my new chandy….well that is once I figure out how to hang it.  I have one teeny tiny issue to contend with…..the ceiling above my dining table is 20+ feet table and spans all three stories of my home.

Translation: I need to go all MacGyver and figure out how to hang this puppy.

Mark my words, I will have this chandy up before the end of the year.

Game on.

PS:  Thanks for all the kind tweets and emails about Scruffy.  We received noticed from the vet that his heart murmur is non-life threatening.  We are breathing a huge sigh of relieve that our pooch is healthy.  So we are back on track to get his freank-n-beans whacked for some time next week.  Fingers crossed, there will be no more health surprises.