Loving Out Loud: Real Good Chair by Blu Dot …

Some things just hit you viserally…..like meeting your spouse, an undying love for 80s music or this chair….

The Real Good Chair by Blu Dot in copper is laser cut perfection.  The body is copper plated steel with laser cut seams meaning this baby can be stored flat – a must have for us urban dwellers with less than stellar storage space.

I feel I am in good company since it appears that uber-designers Ariel Ashe and Vicente Wolf both agree that this chair is a winner in this month’s Elle Decor.  Like them, I would use it as a statement piece in a bedroom or living room.  However, my heart is set on using them to replace our slowly decaying dining room chairs.  A little sheepskin cushion to for extra padding and you have a stylish, beautiful and uncommon seating arrangement.

And for me that makes for a real good chair to have…..

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