The “Captain” Is Now On Board…

Things are officially back to normal after my “north of the border” jaunt. I have officially signed up a new client in an adorable apartment in downtown San Francisco that was formerly a bank – imagine steel casement windows and a lot of potential that was wrecked with a crap-o-tastic conversion that stripped away the majority of the space’s character. Armed with a small budget, I am going to do my best to bring some life back into the space.

Yet as one door opens, I am winding down on a project I have grown to love, Calvert Court. For those of you who don’t remember, Calvert Court is my mid-century modern project that I have been profiling since February. Slowly but surely we have worked on the kitchen and bedroom as well as the living room. The dining room has gotten a few tweaks, mostly because the other rooms ate up the budget. However, we splurged on getting new captain’s chairs for the dining table.

Well not actually — the clients had the chairs stored in their garage and I thought the shape was perfect for the space. In addition, we needed something to help tie in a rather bossy rug that the clients love to the living room. So taking my cues from the rug, I pulled the turquoise and the citrus green color and had the upholstery workroom do a two-tone treatment to the existing captain’s chairs…

We actually got two seat covers made – one in the green show and the other in the same Romo burnout velvet. Speaking of the velvet, it is like touching the butt of a baby angle wrapped in cashmere that was sprinkled with talcum powder….perfection. The green is an indoor/outdoor fabric from the remnant pile of my local discount fabric store. I loved the texture of the pattern and the fact that you can soak it in red wine and it comes out right out with a damp sponge is pretty awesome in my book.

When I got the chairs back from the upholsterer, I will admit, I was nervous. The seats seemed a tad garish in the bright light of my car port. I panicked and checked my bank account to see if I could afford new chairs. Fortunately, my fears were alleviated when I placed them into their intended home….

Ahhhh…….I can breathe. I am loving them in their new home. The pattern and color play nicely with the rug. The gold to he bar cart picks up the metallic highlights in the fabric and the green pulls in the accents from the rug and living room.


Excuse me while I go pat myself on the back, while I wait for some other ego deflater to come along and knock me down a peg or three. So tell me, have you ever gone the “weird combo” route and found out in the end, that you loved it?

Shelving is finally being built at Hawthorne Street (yah!) but that means I am onsite all day thanks to the stupid HOA rules (boo). Since I am stuck onsite, feel free to chat with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter as well as Instagram (@CourtneyOutLoud).

My World in Pictures…Introducing My Living Room

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to work with my friend and professional photographer, Eisaku, on shooting our living room at the condo.  I have gotten repeated requests from friends, family and blog viewers to showcase the room since posting pictures of the feature wall.  After failed attempts to take pictures of the room myself with my camera, I enlisted the help of Eisaku to photograph the space.  Eisaku is truly a renaissance man; graduate of Berkeley, a classical violinist (he plays with the Marin orchestra), photographer/model and a fully licensed practitioner and partner in a thriving Eastern Medicine clinic in Walnut Creek, CA.  And did I mention that some of his work was recently featured on Good Morning America?  Honestly, I was lucky to snag him for half a day to do the shoot, but fortunately for all his talents he possesses, he isn’t a great cook (go figure!) so with the lure of a stellar brunch, baked treats and a fridge full of leftovers to feed him for a week, I was able to book a date.

Not wanting to waste Eisaku’s time, I decided to limit the shoot to three things: (1) head shots of myself (to come shortly), (2) shots of the living room and (3) shooting a holiday tablescape I created so I can start a pseudo-portfolio.  People keep saying that the things I do at the house are good enough for editorial work, so I decided to put it to the test and see what the outcome was.  I still need to do a few tweaks to those pictures, but I will be sharing those also very briefly.

However, without further adieu, here is our living room circa December 2010!

And them for some laughs, I deposited myself into some shots ala those design magazine editorials I dream of styling one day…….

Then I decided to up the drama ever so slightly…..

Don’t you love the “dreamy” far off expression, I am trying to give for the camera above?  I was trying to “smize” for the camera while channeling Rue Magazine and a bit of Elle Decor for good measure….did it work?

So that is my humble living room in the house?  I again want to give a big shout out to Eisaku who I worked like a dog for a better part of 5 hours on the shoots.  I hope he has forgiven me because there are a few more concepts I have in mind that I want to test!  You can see more of Eisaku’s work on Flickr at or you can contact him directly at

I am quite proud of how the room looks and am excited to share the tablescape shots with you!  As usual, I love hearing from you, so drop me a line at or leave a comment.