Hawaii Bound …..

overpacked for vacation

6 pairs of swim trunks?  Seriously, why did I pack 6 pairs of swim trucks? It seemed logical at the time and a sound decision.  But then packing in a frenzy always leads to poor planning on my part.  But nonetheless, I am off to Hawaii for the week and I am praying it will be filled with lazy days on a beach drinking alcoholic items from a hollowed out pineapple…..

So I apologize up front if my blogging is a bit lax but I hope you understand.  Sometimes a boy has to unplug to remained fully charged.  While I won’t be blogging, I will be on FacebookTwitter and Insta.gram documenting my time chill-laxin’…..

Have a GREAT week!


Motivational Mondays: Time Off…..

Walter Annenberg Quote

I am starting to find my balanced state when it comes to work and play.  Last week, The Partner, myself and four other friends rented a house in Palm Springs.    It was magical because I found the time to breathe.

Palm Springs House Collage

Inhale.  Exhale.  Ahhhhh………

House View Palm Springs

I found the time to sit and do nothing.  I found the time to listen to conversations, read a magazine, eat bad food and drink a little too much.  I found the time to hike.  I found the time to do all the things I wanted to do but felt guilty about doing while home but the setting forced me to focus on relaxation….


I found myself relaxed and happy.  I found myself up early in the morning, out of excitement to have breakfast with friends.  And then around Day 4, I was ready to go home.  I found my balancing point.  I was energized and ready to get back to work.

I never thought of myself as a “vacation” type of guy but as I get older, I find these small breaks are exactly what I need to fuel myself for the long stretches of work ahead.  A little reprieve from my normal life.

Now back to our regularly scheduled crazy……

Have a great week and remember to take a moment to breathe and take a little break!

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Loving Out Loud: Tahoe…..

I finally convinced myself that it was okay to take a non-work related get away.  Looking back I realized that almost all of my travels have been for work.  While fun, these trips had major work components to them which even in the most idealic setting can be stressful.  So when my friends invited me up to spend the weekend at their cabin in Kirkwood, I jumped at the chance to have a “work-free” ski weekend….







…. and to be 100% honest, there was no skiing involved from my end.  Just alot of walks in the snow, a few strong cocktails and alot of laughter and good conversation.  Exactly what I needed…..

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Jumping On Palms Springs….

The opportunity arose to mix business with pleasure so I am gonna ….

Tickets printed?  Check.

Files on a USB stick?  Check.

Banana hammock packed? NOT!

But seriously, super excited to be given the opportunity to head down to one of my favorite destinations.  Sure there will be work involved and yes it may be a bit chilly (for Palm Springs) but nothing that a dip in a hot tub or a bottle of wine can’t cure!

Okay lovies I am off!

Jumping into work (and pleasure) feet first…..

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Summer’s Almost Over….

Summer is almost over!  I have been locked in the house since returning from vacation.  I get up, walk to my desk, start working, have lunch, work, walk the dog and go back to work until I get stand it any longer.

Today, I need a break.  I feel a bit burned out, so I am going to take Scruffy’s lead and ….

I am going to treat myself to tacos, go to the fabric store and take an extra long walk with Scruffy.  Everything won’t get done, but hey….life goes on.  So excuse me as I put on my comfy jeans and start my day….

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Vacation: Day 3 – Leaving Granada for Seville…

Originally built to house Queen Isabella of Spain’s remains, The Cathedral of Granada is massive, at times gloomy but nonetheless awe-inspiring.  It took 150 years to complete and is a testament to grand architecture…..

So that concludes Granada.  Up next, Seville……


ps: Designer de jour and all around awesome person Beth over at Hello Splendor asked me and a few other bloggers about our travel essentials.  Figured it was perfect timing to share…..

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It’s Time To Get Away….

Coming off one of the most glorious weeks of my time as an interior designer to date, I am deeply and profoundly exhausted. Up to this point, I have never been much of a “vacation person” – stick me in a mall with a dark movie theater and a Saks and I am good. However, over the last few years, I have found that I need (and desire) the ability to unplug, retreat and relax. So I am packing up for three weeks and heading to Europe…actually Spain, Monaco and France to be exact.

So over the next couple of weeks, check the blog to see quick snapshots of my travels and I am sure mishaps. I will be back in August hopefully fully recharged and ready to go!

Okay I am off! Next stop Granada!

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