Men’s Style: Ode To Canada …

Growing up in the Midwest, I am accustomed to cold weather and snow for the holidays.   It wasn’t Christmas unless I had shoveled the driveway in below freezing weather all the while silently cursing my parents for being too cheap to buy a snow blower.  Bone-chilling cold, corrosive salt stains on my shoes and second-guessing if I had frostbite were the hallmarks of a Lake Family Christmas.  Needless to say when it came time to leave the nest, this birdie flew South ….well West to California.

However, while my feet are firmly planted in California, my head (and my heart) tend to find they drifting over the border to our snowy northern neighbors.  Over the last few years, I have found myself becoming more infatuated with Canada.  Maybe, because many of my design mentors are Canadian and thanks to this great thing called social media have cobbled together a merry band of amazing design oriented friends who support and inspire this little ole’ American.

Looking through my Canadian friends Instagram shots made me a touch nostalgic.  My Canadian friends embrace the cold weather, rather than run from it.  They pull out fashion-forward coats, cute hats and functional but stylish boots. They mix pattern and materials with abandon for a look that is undeniable chic.  For this next installment of Men’s Style: Holiday Edition, I channeled two of the most fashionable Canadians I know, Erica and Jonathan to create a look that I am calling …


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What Santa Got Me…..My Christmas Loot

Thanks to a vengeful Mother Nature and a lackadaisical Delta Airlines, by the time you read this, I will be probably standing in a security line a mile long digging deep within myself not to smack the parent of the snot-nosed brat in front of me who is screaming at the top of his/her lungs.  I am sure that all the fantastic presents I received this Christmas will help soothe my frayed nerves…..

Art: Santa heard my whispers on the blog and got me two fantastic pieces of art for the condo:

Reproduction of painting by Lin Yu

Awesome "sewn" painting by Clare Elsaesser

Clothing: I scored like a bandit in this category……

Dwindle Sweater from All Saints

Uniqlo Straight Cut Dark Demin Jeans

Tom Ford Velvet Bow Tie

And now for the biggie………

Calvin Klein Collection Tux

Yuppers – I am the proud owner of the above tux (but not the model good looks!).  It was a gift from The Partner’s family – so amazing and so kind.  I will do a little fashion show when I get home of the real deal.

But don’t think that the awesomeness stopped there…no no no, the gifts kept coming……..

Kitchen: I received some fantastic salts including a black truffle salt I am excited to try out.  In addition, the Partner’s cousin’s wife made this kick a$$ apron for me, which I have renamed the “mapron” aka the man apron.  She made it by hand…it’s too cool for words…well except for COOL!

"Mapron" by Rachel Tu

Electronics: And the last gift that I received for Christmas was from my beloved who simply is the world’s best.  It  is actually a gift that I wanted and will benefit all you blogging beauties….

Are you ready for CourtneyOutLoud in 3D?

I got a 4GB Flip video camcorder so I can start vlogging!  I am so excited for this but a little afraid since I now have to practice my “announcer” voice.

Even with all the above stuff, I still have way more presents to share with you all including the two awesome place settings The Partner’s parents gave me including one from Wedgewood (I sorta died on the spot)!  I am a very lucky (some would say spoiled boy) and I am grateful for it all….

So what did Santa give you?