Weekend DIY: Architectural Wall Letters

Sometimes you run across a blog that you absolutely love, adore and secretly wish they were your best friend.  I feel this way about Janell, the blogger de jour behind Isabella & Max Rooms.  If you have not taken a gander at her blog, I strongly suggest you do so immediately.  Seriously.  Honestly, stop reading and click on the link above.  I will wait for you…..


Okay, now that you are  back, Janell aside from being a talented designer is also a DIY wizard.  So much so, that HGTV.com has hired her to create tutorials.  She has some serious street cred when it comes to DIY, so it’s no surprise that she can transform these simple cardboard letters…..



into these faux metal architectural beauties……

Check out her DIY tutorial on how to recreate these letters yourself.  I am going to attempt to recreate this project this weekend.  I hope it turns out as well as Janell’s. I will report back on whether my attempts were a triump or a failure of the human condition.  Okay that was a little dramatic even for me, but in any case have a great weekend!

Coffee Filter Wreath Tutorial (sorta)

Here is the issue…..

My natural tendency is to find the path of least resistance.  My Mom has insisted over the last three decades what I call “selective engagement” goes by another term – lazy. I don’t think I am lazy per say, just prudent with my time. The real issue is that I have a hard time redoing something especially if the original was well done.  I know that many of you have sent me messages asking for a tutorial on exactly how I created my coffee filter wreath but truth be told, I just winged it.  I apologize if that response sounds annoying, but honestly when I got stuck, I did a quick internet search on “coffee filter wreaths” and found a multitude of savvy DIYers who had already done multiple tutorials.

I make a SUCKY tutor!!

Picture courtesy of: untoldentertainment.com 

One tutorial that I found quite helpful was Tanda Plain & Tall as she was quite detailed in her pictures of the process.  Another great wreath tutorial can be found on Our Daily Chocolate  because she approached the project completely differently and used staples!  What I am getting at is there is no “right or wrong” way to approach this craft project. These two examples illustrate just how differently you can approach this project and still end up with a fantastically beautiful end product.  I just don’t see how me adding yet another DIY tutorial, a probably a convoluted one at that, would be beneficial to anyone especially when so many great tutorials already exist!

Believe me when I say you don’t need no stinkin’ tutorial to do this project!  So my friends, trust your instincts!  And so what if you make a mistake…..it’s coffee filters and glue!!!  Rip off the offending filters  and start over.  Crafting is about having fun and playing.  I have found that my best creations have been when I tossed caution to the wind and went off the “play book”.   Crank up the iPod, uncork a bottle of vino (or equally attractive nonalcoholic beverage if you don’t drink) and fire up your glue gun.   All you got to lose is time, glue, a few coffee filters and potentially the two top layers of skin on your index finger (yup, my right index finger is still numb!). 

 But don’t feel that I am leaving you hanging in the wreath department.   I promise that tomorrow I will be posting a super easy, awesome and nonconvoluted DIY tutorial on how to create your own festive (and inexpensive) grapevine wreath.  Yup, I got more wreath ideas than you can shake a stick at!