Things Are Growing & Thriving…….

Today is the last day of my drafting class and I could not be more happy.  It has been a bumpy ride with a bit of self-doubt, late nights and the occasional temper tantrum.  But I have learned so much in the last 12 weeks about design that I did not know — and deep down, I sorta liked it all.  Mind you if you would have told me I would like this at 10:30pm as I was furiously trying to finish a drafting project, I would have punched you in a the face and called you a dirty fudge licker, but hindsight proves 20/20.

I feel like I have grown tremendously and I liken it to the terrarium I made at the beginning of the summer.  When I started it, I had my doubts that it (or I) would  survive…….

Flash forward three months and look at us now…….

We both survived….actually we are alive and thriving.  It’s a nice feeling…..

I know it’s odd to chart one’s personal development via a terrarium, but hey, I like using weird metaphors — that’s how I roll.  Okay off to run an errand and eat tacos!

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Terrarium Redux: Pictorial Tutorial

Last year I decided to make a terrarium and was quite pleased with myself…..

apothecary jars terrariums

And they grew….and grew…and grew……then promptly died.

As I have said before and I will say again, I have not met a plant, living or fake, that I cannot kill.  I am the Terminator when it comes to flora.  With that said, I decided to venture into the world of terrariums one more time but this time with help.

I recently finished a contributing post to Centsational Girl about modern terrariums (which is live today – so click over and check it out).  As part of the post, I interviewed two fantastic ladies who are terrarium experts and from our conversations received some fantastic assistance on how to make my new terrarium better, faster, stronger — sorta like a Bionic Terrarium (insert Six Million Dollar Man and/or Bionic Woman joke here…).

The Supplies: Glass Container/Vessel, Soil, Charcoal, Rocks, Moss & Plants

The Steps:

Select vessel & add rocks for drainage

Add a layer of charcoal over rocks to combat mold, smell & bacteria

Add a layer of moss to help with soil erosion

Dry fit plants to determine placement

Add a layer of soil on top of moss

Add plants and fill in with additional soil, rocks and decorations

Plant Selection:


Fancy tool I used to fill in soil around plants

To fill soil around the cacti I made a simple funnel out of a piece of paper.  It allowed me to get soil exactly where I wanted without getting it all over the plants.

Final Product:

I still need to add a layer of decorative rocks/sand and a small memento , but I am quite happy with how it turned out.  I love the shape of the vessel and it was a steal from Marshall’s for only $9.99.  Fingers crossed that this one survives!

Special thanks to Monica Schaefer of Paxton Gates and Bianca D’Amico of Terri Planty for all their insight and assistance!