Guest Vignette: Me, You and a Wiener

If you don’t know Bri of Me, You and a Wiener, then my friends you are missing out.  The blog is highly irreverent and highly entertaining  and showcases Bri’s highly awesome design skills.  If you visit for nothing else, go for her hilarious self-drawn cartoons that highlight her various DIY projects, random musings and adventures.

I have come to count on Bri as my dose of reality in the blogosphere.  She never sugar coats and always puts it out there like she sees it which you need at times.  So when I was tinkering with doing a ongoing series of guest posts where I ask other bloggers to photograph and describe a meaningful vignette in their home, I ran it past Bri to gauge her reaction.  Fortunately, she liked the idea; so much so that I convinced her to kick off the series.

Here is Bri’s vignette and her explanation on why she finds it meaningful…..

This is a big ass vignette, that picture in the back of the ocean be San Fran. We took a few trips up there when were still stationed at Beale AFB. I miss Cali a lot so I keep a few pictures around the house that remind me of all the great places  my buddies, Wayne (hubby) and I enjoyed while we were still stationed there.  I’m not one to really have special objects that I treasure (besides my dog tags, because I’m thankful I still have them), what I treasure most are pictures of friends because they serve as good conversation starters when family and friends come to visit. Especially when they are of your best friend who is a dude wearing your weave that you accidentally emailed to the whole base. Bahahahaha

I “heart” Bri’s vignette but absolutely LOVE that the whole vignette was inspired by the small picture on the console table.  Her explanation brings this seating vignette to another level and I can just imagine Bri sitting in the chair, strolling down memory lane right before grabbing the joysticks and kicking your ass in Gears of War 3.

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Vignette Week: Autumn Has Fallen…..

While I have lived in California longer than I have lived anywhere in my life, I still consider myself a Midwest boy.  Today’s vignette exemplifies the dichotomy that this Midwesterner feels living in California……

This vignette reminds me of Autumn (or Fall for most of my Midwest peeps).  The colors are bold and when grouped together remind me of how the trees looked on the back roads leading to my Mom’s home in Greenville, OH.  The tree tops painted the sky with oranges, purples and rusts — and I thought they were the most beautiful things ever.  So when I saw the flowers at the Flower Mart, I was instantly drawn to them.  I placed them in simple earthen vases (Shane Powers collection from West Elm) and they embody what I think is the struggle I have fought my whole life – how do I display the beauty of my talents and not be intimidated by my humble surroundings.  Just like the flowers shine beyond their vases, I am slowly seeing that with patience and hard work my efforts are beginning to blossom and be  noticed.

How have you seen yourself grow and blossom?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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Cocktail Table Vignette

I am slightly obsessed with creating little vignettes all over my house at the moment.  Something about their perfect compositions make me happy.  While I rarely strive for perfection in my overall designs …because let’s be honest as designers, how often have any of us ever settled on the “perfect look”?  At least with vignettes, I feel that I can slice out a little section of life and craft a perfect moment.

Hokey I know, but then I am also the same dude that enjoys Bette Midler and Celine Dion.  But then that could be due to the fact that I am gay.  It’s a point that I will leave to you all to ponder…..

As you debate the merits of my musical tastes, let’s take a look at my cocktail table vignette:

I think I am drawn to this vignette because I am fairly proud of the flower arrangement I created using spray roses I picked up at the grocery store.

The arrangement makes me happy and really isn’t that what design is about?  Speaking of making me happy, this makes me even happier……

Now be honest, if that picture doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will.

Now go forth and be happy…….