Weekend DIY: Wall Mirrors Galore…

I got a two-fer for you this weekend all about mirrors.  Being a vain person, I enjoy walking by mirrors and seeing my reflection.  Wait a second, I just caught my reflection in my TV screen……..

Okay, I’m back now.  Mirrors are coming in a variety of shapes but none as hot as the sunburst/starburst.  The classy lass, AprilDense over at Unique Illusions has a cute tutorial on a starburst mirror she made for her Mother as a Christmas present……

Stop by her blog and see how she transformed this Ikea mirror into the perfect holiday present for the design conscious Mom:

For those of you who are savvy at counting, you are probably thinking to yourself….”He said two-fer and I am only seeing a one-fer.”  Well congrats on being able to count and creating a whole new word never seen before (i.e. one-fer).  Because you are so attentive, I will post the other awesome mirror project that AprilDenise did.  She created another gift-worthy mirror but using mosaics….

The tutorial is QUICK and SIMPLE – if I can contemplate this, then you can too!

Now go forth and build my fellow bloggers!  I will be right behind you…there is this really hot guy staring at me.  I need to find out more about him….OH WAIT, it’s me in the mirror.  Okay, never mind……

Do you want your project profiled in Weekend DIY?  Shoot me a link to your project at lifeoutloudmail@gmail.com.  Just remember that your project should only take a weekend (or less) to start and complete for less than $100.

Weekend DIY: Sunburst Mirror

Unlike Charlie Sheen, addiction in some cases is a good thing.  Case in point is Kristi Linauer of the blog Addicted 2 Decorating  – this lady is clearly an addict!  She loves design and she loves DIY projects – all things worthy of an addiction.  While not fully ready for a 12-step plan, Kristi’s easy step-by-step process to creating this fantastic DIY sunburst mirror from wood shims IS worthy of your attention….

Check out Kristi’s two-part tutorial on how to make this statement piece: Part One & Part Two.  This is one of those projects I will keep in my back pocket next time I need to a WOW factor in a room!  Okay, I am off to enjoy my weekend and I suggest you do the same!

Sunburst Mirror For Cheap

So who doesn’t love a deal?  I have wanted a sunburst mirror for a while but have not found one that would fit my budget.  On a whim, I decided to do a search on Amazon and ran across this beauty…..

At only $20 (including shipping) and 17 inches in diameter, it seemed too good to be true.  However, after searching high and low for months, I was ready to do a leap of faith.  I placed my order and two days later, I received a large box that housed two of the mirrors.  Upon opening, I was impressed with their weight and size – they definitely were not plastic.  While the gold paint job wasn’t exactly to my liking, I knew that a little Rub-n-Buff or spray paint could correct any color imperfections.

Close-up of paint color......

I think the mirrors will be the perfect addition to the master bedroom, once I get my arse in gear…..

The mirror coordinates so well with the zebra fabric I will be using to recover the chair in the master bedroom.  I have a few more things to iron out for the overall room layout but I think I am pretty close to actually starting to execute on the plan. 

There are still several mirrors left on Amazon, so go and get your own!