Weekend Recap….

This weekend could have been all about work if I had allowed myself but after dealing with my Father’s health scare, I am trying with renewed effort to create a balance between work, blogging and life.


So starting clock-wise, my Friday consisted of sitting in traffic, drinking coffee and dealing with shelving.  I was able to break up the cycle with a great shopping/scouting trip with a new client.  We spent the remainder of the afternoon, sourcing couches, chairs and tile for his quick turn around project.


Saturday started off oddly like Friday – sitting in traffic.  Fortunately, that quickly got remedied since I was meeting another client for yet more shopping for his long-term project.  This client is a bachelor (as evidenced by his fridge contents) and we have been slowly working on his place.  Up next is his downstairs lounge/television room which is all about relaxing and hanging out.  It is going to be a huge departure from the rest of the space where we have gone Euro-modern with lots of Italian furniture and sleek pieces….

If the grasscloth is any indicator, we are going for something softer and more relaxed.  I am excited and have already been pounding out designs for custom coffee tables to bring in the client’s love of photography.


Sunday was all about enjoying the day and truly focusing on my family and friends.  So what better way to do that than through consumerism which I ended up doing in spades thanks to Saks.  Technically, the spree happened last week but I was able to play with all my new goodies on Sunday, so I think that counts.  But between all the playing, was able to squeeze in some quality time with a few magazines, make a few phone calls to grandparents and siblings and have she quality snuggle time with The Partner and this beast….

Clearly, he felt he was lacking for love from his stance…

So that was my weekend, not that exciting but definitely packed.  This weekend looks to be just as busy with meetings with a furniture maker, contractor and the fantastic folks at DIFFA’s Dining by Design.

How was your weekend?

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99 Problems & Shelving IS One of Them……

I recently started a new project for a great couple in the Castro area of San Francisco.  They live in a converted Victorian row house, occupying the top floor. They hired me to work on their entry, foyer and living space which I am excited to tackle.  However, being that they are a young couple who just purchased the home, design funds are limited to say the least.  As with many new homeowners, they have a big want list which I am slowly weeding down based on the budget.

When I took on this project, the first thing I asked them was if this was their “forever home,” starter home or an investment property because it changes how I will allocate the budget.   Based on their response, I thought it best to invest the largest portion of the budget to address some structural changes to the space including the demo of an odd pony wall, addition of a window seat and built-in shelving in the living room.

Opting to spend a chunk of my budget on these items are two-fold: (1) these changes, while not only beautiful will add resale value and (2) since space is tight, I need to use every nook and cranny to maximum utility.  At the moment, I am fixated on figuring out the layout of the shelving trying to take into consideration the couple’s “large” flat screen TV (I think the technical term is “freaking huge”), the request not to change the existing fireplace or mantel and their mandate for sleek and comfortable with a European feel.  So here are some options I have come up with so far…..

Traditional with a combination of open and closed storage.  Since solid wood isn’t  an option, we would do it in a medium tone veneer.

A tad more rustic, this option uses reclaimed wood (a splurge) but the tension between the Victorian elements of the house and the aged nature of the wood could be fantastic……or really really bad.

This is our least expensive option, which uses Ikea floating shelves in a high white lacquer.  Paint the back walls a dramatic color and with the right accessories, it could be quite dramatic and dynamic……

The last option would what I am calling “encased” because  we would build an open case to hold the shelves but the back would remain open.  I love the “x” design at the base that can hold wood for the fireplace or books.  It’s a nice bit of geometric interest in a pretty straight-forward built-in.  I want to do a grey wash to the shelving which I think would give the built-ins more interest.

I have a few more ideas percolating but they all are dependent on pricing of materials.  I am meeting with the contractor today to discuss options and get his take since in the end, I can create it but his team needs to do the hard part and build it!

Okay, I am off to meetings and to handle a family emergency that has cropped up.  Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend!  Remember, life is too short not to live it up……

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Loving Out Loud: Brass Shelving

I found myself daydreaming recently.  For normal people, they daydream about winning the lottery, meeting Oprah or having a magical tub of Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby that never ends (my other daydream FYI).  However, being the design weirdo I am, I dream about shelving, in particular brass bookcases.

I stumbled upon these pictures of Billy Baldwin interiors and was smitten with the shelving….

Billy Baldwin

Billy Baldwin

Aside from the fact that the interiors are just amazing, the shelving is what is catching my eye.  The brass and glass shelving are the perfect foil to otherwise dark rooms.  The light and sheen the shelves add to the room is exactly what I hope to add to my master bedroom. 

But alas, brass shelving doesn’t come cheap if not at all so me thinks I shall be doing the DIY route.  I figure it can’t be that hard — I just need to find some shelves with good “bones” to spray paint.  I also think I won’t go as shiny….maybe a hammered brass since the bedroom will have gold accents.

So what are you daydreaming about?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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