Shabby Apple Dress Winner Is……

Thank you to everyone who entered the Shabby Apple Dress Give Away.   I am happy to let you know that we have selected a winner of the awesome Boogie Woogie dress……

The 27th comment was posted by Paige who said….

As a SAHM, I don’t often get to dress up and wear fabulous little numbers like this. This dress would make the perfect anniversary date dress this year for our 12th. I would love to Boogie Down in it!

Well Paige, get your dancing shoes on because you are going to be celebrating your 12th anniversary in style thanks to Shabby Apple!  Check your email for details on next steps.

For those of you who didn’t win, remember you can still get 10% off your purchases at Shabby Apple by using discount code COURTNEYOUTLOUD10OFF.

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Reminder: Shabby Apple Dress Give Away……

As a friendly reminder don’t forget to enter the Shabby Apple dress contest where you can win a free holiday dress!

I have partnered up with online women’s dresses and clothing retailer Shabby Apple to give away the store’s fantastic Boogie Woogie party dress to one lucky reader*.

Click to the original post to see the contest rules and how to enter!  The contest closes this Sunday so if you snooze, you lose.

Have a great Saturday & Good Luck!!

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Guest Vignette: Me, You and a Wiener

If you don’t know Bri of Me, You and a Wiener, then my friends you are missing out.  The blog is highly irreverent and highly entertaining  and showcases Bri’s highly awesome design skills.  If you visit for nothing else, go for her hilarious self-drawn cartoons that highlight her various DIY projects, random musings and adventures.

I have come to count on Bri as my dose of reality in the blogosphere.  She never sugar coats and always puts it out there like she sees it which you need at times.  So when I was tinkering with doing a ongoing series of guest posts where I ask other bloggers to photograph and describe a meaningful vignette in their home, I ran it past Bri to gauge her reaction.  Fortunately, she liked the idea; so much so that I convinced her to kick off the series.

Here is Bri’s vignette and her explanation on why she finds it meaningful…..

This is a big ass vignette, that picture in the back of the ocean be San Fran. We took a few trips up there when were still stationed at Beale AFB. I miss Cali a lot so I keep a few pictures around the house that remind me of all the great places  my buddies, Wayne (hubby) and I enjoyed while we were still stationed there.  I’m not one to really have special objects that I treasure (besides my dog tags, because I’m thankful I still have them), what I treasure most are pictures of friends because they serve as good conversation starters when family and friends come to visit. Especially when they are of your best friend who is a dude wearing your weave that you accidentally emailed to the whole base. Bahahahaha

I “heart” Bri’s vignette but absolutely LOVE that the whole vignette was inspired by the small picture on the console table.  Her explanation brings this seating vignette to another level and I can just imagine Bri sitting in the chair, strolling down memory lane right before grabbing the joysticks and kicking your ass in Gears of War 3.

So are you tired of me plugging the Shabby Apple Dress Give Away yet?  You won’t be if you are the lucky winner of an awesome (and free) party dress for the holidays.  Be sure to enter!

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Current Obsession: Watercolor Paintings….

Ever had a shopping moment that you found exactly what you wanted for the exact price you wanted to pay?

Well my friends, I had an out-of-body experience two weekends ago when I was able to score, not one but TWO original vintage watercolor paintings…….

I am currently obsessed with watercolor paintings…their softness, fluidity and ethereal quality.  I find that watercolors smooth out the sharp “corners” and bring a certain level of warmth to modern rooms.  However, these paintings have special meaning since they both are watercolors of my current home San Francisco.

So why am I so giddy about these two paintings, aside from the fact that I love them?  Well because I was able to score both of them for $2 from one of the vintage shops I like to frequent.

Yup.  Two Dollars.  Honest to goodness.  Cross my heart.

For that price, I think I can swing new mats and frames for them.  Now I just need to decide where exactly these new beauties will go in the house.

Speaking of great deals, did you enter my Shabby Apple Dress Give Away?  I am giving away a free party dress to one lucky reader!  Don’t miss your opportunity to enter!

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Holiday Decorating with Scot Meacham Wood Recap

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Kravet and designer/entertaining guru Scot Meacham Wood……

Scot and his merry band of “party elves” discussed the elements involved in throwing a fantastic holiday party.  It was literally an hour and a half filled with laughter, demos and audience questions.

First and more foremost, Scot seriously has to be one of the nicest designers…heck people, I have met in the SF design community.  You would have never guessed that we had only spoken via Twitter from the way he greeted me upon arrival.  That part was especially nice since I was attending the event alone and didn’t know a single soul there aside from Scot.  He may not have realized it, but his simple act of greeting me and introducing me to his colleagues eased my anxieties and put me in the perfect mental space to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Ever the designer, Scot created three vignettes around the Kravet showroom depicting an upcoming holiday; Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  Pulling from design showrooms, retail stores and his personal collection, Scot created three beautiful tables that inspired me…..



New Year’s Day

The New Year’s Day table setting was my favorite.  I am still gagging over those lime green silk chairs and the Hermes place settings.  Yup peeps, those pretty chinoiserie dishes are Hermes and don’t think that for one minute, I wasn’t trying to scope out how to stuff them under my sweater and walk out.  They were that beautiful!

Aside from tablescape inspiration, the one thing I did take away from the night is that I try too damn  hard with my parties.  Scot was very upfront that he uses assistance when throwing parties –  heck he had the folks who he hires do presentations!  So with that said, my next big party is going to see a few changes in particular the inclusion of either a bartender or some catered dishes.  But either way, I plan on enjoying my holiday fetes that much more thanks to some needed guidance from Scot Meacham Wood.

Speaking of holiday entertaining, do you need a kick-ass holiday dress?  Do you want it for free?  If the answer is yes, then you need to enter my give away from Shabby Apple to get a free holiday party dress!

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Shabby Apple Dress Give Away……

I love seeing a beautifully dressed woman.

I may not want to sleep with y’all but  I definitely love helping dress y’all.

Fortunately, online women’s dresses and clothing retailer Shabby Apple feels the same way about helping women dress beautifully and has agreed to give away its fantastic Boogie Woogie party dress to one lucky reader*.

The Boogie Woogie dress is the perfect little black dress for the pending holiday season.  Throw a cardigan over it and it can be worn to your child’s annual school holiday program .  But throw on a pair of heels, a great bracelet and pair it with a wrap and it’s sophiscated enough to be worn to the office holiday mixer.

So how do you get your hands on this versatile beauty?  Simply follow these directions to enter……


1)  Like Shabby Apple on Facebook (they give awesome discounts and promos to their Facebook friends!)


2) Become a follower of the blog.  If you are already a follower, awesome!  If you aren’t, then click on the link under “Follow Me” in the upper right corner to become one!


3) Leave a comment with your contact information with the term “Boogie Down” in the body

4)  For an extra way to enter, tweet a link to this give away and leave a second comment.

*Please note that the give away is only open to individuals with a US shipping address.  There will be no exchanges or returns for the winning dress.

** You must be a follower of the blog to be eligible and you must like Shabby Apple on Facebook.  Maximum of two entries per person.  Additional entries will be disqualified.

***Contest will be open until November 13.***

For those of you who can’t wait to see if you have won, Shabby Apple  was kind enough to give y’all a 10% off code.  Use code the discount code  COURTNEYOUTLOUD10OFF to get savings on Shabby Apple’s array of vintage inspired dresses skirts and sophisticated accessories.

Just let it be said that I never gave you anything!

Good Luck!!

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