Loving Out Loud: Roberts Revival DAB Radio

I believe that the holiday shopping season doesn’t really start until December 26th.  Shopping the day after Christmas may seem like a crazy notion to many but for myself, it’s the only way I roll when shopping for those winter “must-haves”.  This is a time where I don’t have to worry about Great Aunt Brenda or if my MIL will like it…..this is solely “me time”.  It’s where I find those wonderful baubles and whatnot that make my heart race, fill my closet to the brim and empty my bank account.

This year was no different and I happily filled shopping bags with new coats, sweaters and shoes…..simply gorgeous stuff that I am excited to share with you in the coming weeks.  However, the thing that made me the most giddy was the Roberts Revival DAB Radio I got for $100 at Anthropology……

I am by NO means an audiophile but sweet meats and cheese this sucker is gorgeous.  Encased in a baby blue leather and brass shell, the Roberts radio not only look beautiful, but sounds fantastic thanks to some superior engineering and “doodadery” (it’s an official term)……

My one complaint about the radio is that the DAB function will not work in the US since we don’t have DAB frequency.  It was a nifty selling point but it is lost on American buyers which is why I think it ended up on sale.  Fortunately, it does have ports to support your iPod, so you can blast your favorite tunes to your heart’s delight.

I am quite stoked that I was able to find such a cool radio for the music room for $100.  With some slight jiggering, I was able to find a nice home for it on the shelf…..

It blends so well with the decor of the room that I think it was meant to be and thus I feel 100% justified in my purchase.  I like to think that I paid $1 for every percent of justification and since justification is priceless, I got the radio for a steal.  Hey….don’t judge my warped retail math.  Try it.  It works.

So did you all partake in the post-Christmas sales?  Leave a comment and tell me what new thing filled your heart with delight and left your wallets a little lighter….

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