Enjoying the Rainbow With Lamps Plus …

Hi – my name is Courtney and I like color.  I love a beautiful neutral space, but color gets my heart racing.  Color gets me excited.  Color is my equivalent of “design MSG” – I think everything looks better with a touch of it.

Thankfully, the folks at Lamps Plus think the same thing because they recently launched their Color + Lighting Collection featuring over 100+ colors and a variety of different lamp styles.  From the classic gourd to groovy floor lamps, this collection really covers the gamut and gives something customers more options than even many custom lighting companies I have worked with in the past.

Lamps Plus has a huge selection of lamps outside its Color + collection that features beautiful colors.  If you lean more towards modern then I suggest the Delta Peacock Lamp from Robert Abbey…..

Robert Abbey LAmps Plus

For a lamp just shy of 2 feet tall, it packs quite a design wallop thanks to its geometric shape.  Just like the Color + Collection, it comes in a multitude of colors including new two-tone variations which I absolutely adore.  It is on my short list (I know – bad pun!) for at least two different clients – one we will use it in their office and the other will find itself on his night stand.

So embrace your inner Rainbow Bright and throw caution to the wind!  After all, it’s only color!

[photo credit: lamps plus//collage credit: courtney lake]

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disclaimer:  lamps plus was a sponsor of blogtour london 2013 but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

Reject Pile ….

Hope everyone had  a fabulous holiday (and for those lucky few with an extended holiday, I am jealous..)!  The Partner and I exercised our freedoms by doing absolutely nothing – we stayed in, didn’t barbecue and at one found ourselves at a $9.99 all you could eat dim sum buffet (for future reference, this is not recommended).

As the day progressed, I found myself looking at my Sansome Project and tweaking the furniture selections.  As archaic as it sounds, I keep my furniture pics in a Powerpoint presentation for each project.  Each room gets a slide and then I keep a final slide open to house “cast-offs”.  I know some people love the new pin boards, but I find there interfaces a tad cumbersome when I need to get things done quickly.  What struck me was that how much I liked the general feel of the “reject pile” than what I was pulling for the actual living room….


The above is actually the “reject pile” from the project.  For some reason, the client either rejected the piece, the dimensions were off or it just didn’t work with the pieces that we had already.  However, what I did like about this pile of was its discord – it had a feeling that things were selected over time; nice mishmash of things the client was given and purchased.  In comparison, my other attempts felt lack the informality and ease that was exuding from this “pile of stuff”.   So it is back to the drawing board with a renewed focus and hopefully this time around, I will nail it.

But isn’t it funny where you find inspiration sometimes?  So tell me what is the oddest thing that has ever inspired you?

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