To Judo Chop or Not…That Is The Question

There is a battle brewing that is dividing my friends and family.  It is pitting Mother against Daughter, Father against Son, Sibling against Sibling.  That battle my friends is whether to judo chop a pillow or not…..


My friends and family are evenly split on this question and surprisingly it is along gender lines.  My male friends and family think that the judo chop is an essential tool in the design arsenal.  Conversely, the females in my life think that the judo chop is contrived and overly fussy.

Personally, I am torn on the issue.  I agree with my ladies that the judo chop when seen on a row of pillows looks a bit silly and overly thought out.  However, I still love the solidarity pillow with the perfect cleft sitting in a chair or on a couch.  So I am curious my friends, what is your take on the judo chop – yah or nay?