Pen to Paper: Media Console…..

Sometimes you get inspiration from the least likely of places.  I have been working with a client on his San Francisco condo for about a year now, slowly adding pieces that we think represent his urban rustic aesthetic.  He loves the mix of wood and metals but craves a touch of color in subtle ways.  In his living room, we had to contend with his beloved red overstuffed sleeper sofa.  It isn’t my first choice for seating but sometimes you have to play the hand you are dealt.  He then informed me that he wanted a place to house all of his electronics, stand alone speakers and his large flat screen TV.

So I was tasked with providing storage for his electronics and TV, incorporate color and tie in his sofa along with the more rustic elements in the space.  Common sense told me that we needed to do something custom to fit all the requirements.   I immediately set out seeking inspiration for the piece.  During my research, I ran across this image from Mondrian ……


It was instantly struck by the colors and the clean lines.  It led me to do a quick sketch of this…….

Media Console Sketch_Oct23

I worked with the fantastic team at Oak and Wood to bring my drawing to reality.  After a few back and forth’s with the client and myself, we agreed on this design……

HawthorneMedia_V3See the Mondrian inspiration?  We all agreed that we could leave the speakers out of the final piece as the client would probably downsize.  However, we did create space for all his electronics in the “tower” to the left, creating a false bottom so we could place a power cord and only snake out a single plug.  The television will sit on top and the drawers will hide all those cords and things that we all seem to have.

A few months later and I could not be happier with the final piece…..

Hawthorne Media Console

It has all the elements we needed to tie the room together but still hold true to the urban vibe the client desired.  It’s a beautiful piece and I am not saying that just because I designed it!  It is going to be the jewel in the living room and I can’t wait to get the space done!

Need design services?  Feel free to email me to inquire!  Okay I am off to a photo shoot – details to come shortly!  Have a GREAT weekend……

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Design Projects Revisited…..

I thought it would be fun to look at all the different design projects that have been completed in the past 12 months.  If you are like me, you sometimes feel you haven’t “done” alot but it is always amazing to look back and see how much thought, effort and work went into these various projects…..

One Minute Night Light

Wood & Brass Lamp

Tree Stump Planter

Terrarium Tutorial 

Moroccan Tea Table

Coaster Shadow Box Tutorial

Patio  Planter Boxes

Nailhead Trim Nightstands

Mini Succulent Planters

Master Bedroom Display Shelving

Piet Mondrian Inspired Nursery Art

But I have to admit that my favorite project of the year was the thrift store chair I recovered in a rug from Uzbekistan.  It’s bright, bold and definitely follows my emerging design aesthetic that things don’t need to cost a fortune to look like a million bucks!

Guest Room Chair

You know my favorite but do you have a favorite from this year’s projects?  Let me know!

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Piet Mondrian Inspired Nursery Artwork

If you can’t tell, I have “baby nursery” on the brain in a big way.  I am in the home stretch of putting together a nursery for a client’s  baby girl.  The nursery design created is definitely not for the child (or Mom) who is afraid of color – turquoise, white and splashes of yellow and navy blue dominate the color palate.  It is a bold room that fits the bold personality of the clients.  When it came to artwork, the same sense of boldness had to hold true.  Under no certain terms did the client want pictures of teddy bears, Disney princesses or “cute” for cute sake. Under no certain terms did the client want pictures of teddy bears, Disney princesses or “cute” for cute sake.  That was fine with me since I find many of the items manufactured as “children’s art” to be a bit off-putting and really not that enjoyable to look at on a regular basis.

The client had several art pieces that she wanted incorporated into the room but that still left me with 3 blank walls in the room to fill.  The client’s pieces revolve around the concept of folk art.  I needed a foil to the largest of the pieces — something that was visually strong in shape and color but still appropriate for a child’s room.  I knew that I wanted to work a quote into the room in a way that didn’t use a wall stencil or canvas.  However, it wasn’t until I ran across a painting by the artist Piet Mondrian that my concept for my DIY art  project came together.

Mondrian’s artwork has a linear quality that plays with depth through the use of color and lines.  This is one of my favorite pieces:


Mondrian's Composition in Red, Blue & Yellow

Photo via

It seemed like the perfect foil for the folk art already in the room and the perfect back drop for a quote.  I played around with the format of the piece this week until I found a composition I liked:

Armed with a concept and a plan, I set out on making it into reality.  All  it took was 2 different Ikea frames (9 in total), 1 bag of alphabet magnets and 5 different colors of spray paint.  The spray painting took the longest since I wanted a deep saturated color which meant many layers of spray paint to achieve a smooth and shiny finish. However, even with the loss of some brain cells and certain lung cancer later in life, the final result is something I am beyond thrilled with and excited to get into the room…..

Up next is putting together the pieces of the fabric artwork for the other wall.  Pictures to come soon!