I Got Nailed: Nailhead Trim Nightstand

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put a quasi-dirty lead as my post title. For those of you who are offended, you should never come to one of my dinner parties as double entendres flow like the wine. But in any case, I finally got around to doing something about my master bedroom nightstands.

I bought them from Ikea over 6 years ago for $10 each and they have served their purpose well. If I remember correctly they were part of the Expedit line but have since been discontinued. In any case, for $20, they have been dutiful servants in supplying beside storage and a flat place to rest my evening tea.

While functional, they weren’t fun. I was positive there was a happy medium where the two could meet. I toyed with a variety of ideas ranging from painting them to covering them in wallpaper. However, I finally bit the bullet and decided to go with a simple nailhead treatment on the front for two reasons. First being that it was quick and inexpensive – these are not my “forever” nightstands so I wanted something that could jazz them up without forcing me to dip into my future furniture budget (what….you don’t have one?). Second, I figured if I screwed up and it turned out horrible, I could simply turn them around and no one would be none the wiser.

I initially started off buying 10 packs of individual nails and quickly found out that (a) it was going to take a really long time to do the project, (b) I can’t nail in a straight line even with the assistance of several other nifty upholstery tools and (c) it was going to take a CRAPLOAD of nails to do the simple design which translates into $$$. So like any good DIYer, I shoved the mess in the corner and let it sit for a week. Then I caved in and bought a roll of brass nailhead trim…

I was able to score an entire roll off eBay for $5.99 plus shipping. Doing the individual nail route would have cost me well over $25. Once the roll arrived, I got to work and finished both tables in less than an hour.

Do I love it? I really like it but would have preferred the look of the individual nail heads but at a grand cost of $8 for supplies, I can’t complain especially since it completely changed the look of the tables.

While not dramatic, it’s just enough to get me through until I find the perfect bed side tables. So tell me…..what piece of furniture in your house are you itching to replace?

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Weekend DIY: Embellished Picture Frames

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt comfortable with them?  That is how I feel about Cassie, the DIY Diva behind the blog Hi Sugarplum! 

We have never met in person, but I look forward to her comments on the blog and the occasional email where we rant about crafting disasters and our love of popcorn made on a stove top.  Seriously, she is the DBFF (DIY Best Friend Forever) that I seriously crave in my life.  In my over active imagination, I see Cassie and myself  setting up a “play date” where we would have Mexican food, drink a margarita (or two),  lament about finding the balance between work, life and blogging and then browse a few resale shops for inspiration for our next DIY projects.  Along the way, I would compliment her cute outfit, she would tell me I have great shoes, we would laugh and eat frozen yogurt ……

Okay, as I bask in my pretend social life, you all should definitely check out Cassie’s sinfully easy and stylish embellished picture frame project.  She took these simple materials……..

And end up with this……..

You are gonna slap yourself when you look at her tutorial and see how she did it!  As you all scurry out to Ikea to fill up on Ribba frames, I am going to try to enjoy the reality that today I am a year older and in a new age demographic.  In any case, have a GREAT weekend!

Daydreaming About Headboards…..

I dreamed of upholstered nailhead trimmed headboards last night.  It was all very Fantastia (the movie not the American Idol singer) and a bit weird.  Before you think I have been hitting the bottle before going to bed, let me explain…..I met with my second design client yesterday at her adorable house in Pleasanton, CA.  She works with The Partner at the hospital and somehow between saving lives, they started discussing my blog and it came up that I was looking to build out a design portfolio and she was looking to upgrade her master bedroom.  So the Fates brought us together and we had a really delightful three-hour initial conversation where we outlined the project, her vision and the process of how we were going to achieve that goal.  One thing the client is set on is having an upholstered nailhead trimmed headboard to anchor her bedroom.

Well she had me at nailhead since it’s common knowledge that I love me some studded furniture and nailhead trim.  After doing a quick bit of research, it appears that everyone else and their Momma loves the combination of upholstered headboards and nailhead trim.  Here is what I have found so far……

Ballard Design


William Sonoma Sutton Bed


West Elm


Restoration Hardware Warner Bed


Pottery Barn - Raleigh Camelback


Nate Berkus - HSN.com


Macys - Berkley Bed


Hutton Wilkinson Nailhead Trim - HSN.com


Arc Notched - Headboardstore.com (CSN Store)


Ethan Allen - Isabel


Crate & Barrel - Colette Bed


Carleton Varney- HSN.com


I need to confirm with the client if she wants upholstered rails and a footboard because if so, I can easily knock off half of the options.  At the moment, I am leaning towards the Restoration Hardware piece, but am afraid it may be a bit too imposing for the space. 

I am curious to know, which beds do you like?