Vignette Week: Crystal Rabbit

In my second post for Vignette Week, I wanted to focus on a vignette I created for my living room coffee table….

My Partner received the small crystal rabbit from his grandparents 12 years ago during the Year of the Rabbit.  His Chinese zodiac sign is also rabbit so it was considered to be a doubly lucky year for him.  Coincidentally it was also the year we met…..while I can’t say for certain that the aligning of the zodiac brought us together, I like to think that his crystal rabbit as my good luck charm. Therefore, I try to make sure that it always has a special place within our home. Superstitious?  Maybe.  Call it what you may — lucky charm, patron saint or symbolic token — that little rabbit means the world to me as does the owner.

Do you have a special memento that reminds you of a loved one?  Leave a comment and tell me what it is…I promise I won’t tell a soul!

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Dining Table Vingette & Slip Cover Sneak Peek


This last week has been a technology cluster f-bomb.  My computer contracted a virus that destroyed the hard drive.  In turn, the hard drive I wanted was sold out in my area, so I had to hunt around for it, finally finding it an hour away.  My computer is STILL with the Geek Squad at the moment who promised that it would be fixed in 3-4 days.

The Partner was kind enough to loan me his computer while he is in Bali (yeah the tropical country where you get massages poolside).  You would think that would end the technology fiasco right?


His computer didn’t read my camera and I lost the pictures — they are somewhere I am sure, but just not where I thought.  To top it all off, I was frozen out of my WordPress account for several days.  When it rains, it pours.  But I am back and ready to blog baby.  Thank you to those of you who sent emails and comments asking where I was and if I was okay — they were greatly appreciated.

Well with all this techno-stress in my life as of late, I decided I needed a little reprieve — something soothing to look at while I worked in the kitchen (which doubles as my drafting studio, art center and psycho best friend counseling center).  So I created this simple vignette shopping  my local grocery store for flowers and my garage for everything else…..

This is one of my favorite vignettes to date for my dining table.  Simple, easy and elegant – I think it fits the overall mood of the house and hits the serene and calm aspects I was trying for on the nose.  And I think it’s pretty to boot…..

I used curly willow and stargazer lilies I picked up at the grocery store for a total of $10.  I love the juxtaposition of the lilies against the random curves of the willow branches.  I placed them in a simple vase from West Elm (which has been hitting the mark HARD when it comes to their accessories – kudos to them).

I finished the vignette with two pieces of driftwood and a painted glass bowl I picked up from Marshalls a few months ago.  The wood provides a nice organic form to the lower section of the vignettes, while the bowl visually expands the scene, giving a larger impact than if they vase was left alone.  In addition, these two additions provide levels which I think are key to a success vignette.

Now I also said there was gonna be a sneak peek at some slip covers.  If you look closely, you might see a snippet of a fabric I debated on the blog a few months ago….

A shiny new penny for the first person to spot it….. but I promise a full reveal later this week.

Okay, time for me to kick it into high gear as I am finishing up a design project and shot my second video for the blog. 

Do let me ask — did you miss me?  Because I surely missed y’all!!!