Enjoying the Rainbow With Lamps Plus …

Hi – my name is Courtney and I like color.  I love a beautiful neutral space, but color gets my heart racing.  Color gets me excited.  Color is my equivalent of “design MSG” – I think everything looks better with a touch of it.

Thankfully, the folks at Lamps Plus think the same thing because they recently launched their Color + Lighting Collection featuring over 100+ colors and a variety of different lamp styles.  From the classic gourd to groovy floor lamps, this collection really covers the gamut and gives something customers more options than even many custom lighting companies I have worked with in the past.

Lamps Plus has a huge selection of lamps outside its Color + collection that features beautiful colors.  If you lean more towards modern then I suggest the Delta Peacock Lamp from Robert Abbey…..

Robert Abbey LAmps Plus

For a lamp just shy of 2 feet tall, it packs quite a design wallop thanks to its geometric shape.  Just like the Color + Collection, it comes in a multitude of colors including new two-tone variations which I absolutely adore.  It is on my short list (I know – bad pun!) for at least two different clients – one we will use it in their office and the other will find itself on his night stand.

So embrace your inner Rainbow Bright and throw caution to the wind!  After all, it’s only color!

[photo credit: lamps plus//collage credit: courtney lake]

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disclaimer:  lamps plus was a sponsor of blogtour london 2013 but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

Selecting The Perfect Light Fixture….

The kind folks over at Graphic Language, one of the top interactive agencies in San Francisco specializing in the constructing and building sector, thought it was a wise idea to let me take over their blog last week so I could spend the day discussing lighting.  When will people learn that when I am given the floor, I am going to run with it, so head over and see my top tips for selecting the perfect lighting fixture.  I hold nothing back and give the 411 on everything on how to select the perfect chandelier to the basics of creating a lighting plan…..

Today I head down to NYC to begin leg two of my East coast trip and the jet lag has officially caught up with me!  I am hoping to call it an early day and catch up on some sleep – otherwise, I am going to be face first at my meetings (never a good first impression…)!

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Open Letter To Light Manufacturers….


Dear Lighting Industry,

I have been searching for lighting for a client for several weeks now.  While your industry provides a multitude of possibilities to choose from, I am finding there is a dearth when it comes to the options for those of us who don’t want to subject our clients to this….

Seriously?  Unless your client is a fertility clinic or you had a thing for decorating with microbes, then how did this lighting option pass the design concept phase?  Yet, I can’t find a brass pendant for my client?

So lighting professionals and manufacturers I open my arms (and potentially my wallet) to you.  I know there are amazing designs to be discovered that are reasonable in price (between $500-$3K), so bombard me with your offerings.  Ply me with your wares.  Drown me with your options.  Because if the above is a sign of where things are going, I am advising my clients of this great thing called candle light……


Courtney Lake & Good Taste

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