Men’s Style: Weekend Gear…

I am capping off this week with how I would style the GAP Army jacket (similar)  for a weekend day about town.  I wish I could say I live a jet setting life, but aside from the occasional weekend trip to wine country or Palm Springs, I get my dose of excitement from visiting Trader Joes or a matinée movie.  Mind you, I am not complaining, but sometimes a boy can dream, so that is exactly what I did when I put together my weekend outfit….

CLake Top Army

If you haven’t guessed, I love to layer.  Just like in interior design, the different layers of an outfit bring interest.  For my weekend jaunt, I layered a thin cashmere henley (similar) under the jacket and finished it off with one of my favorite scarves from Alexander McQueen (similar).

CLake Laughing Army Jacket

As for accessories, I have been wearing my bronze metallic watch non-stop since picking it up in France this summer.  I love its chunky qualities and is the perfect unexpected element for a dude.  I am also a sunglass fiend but I am also a near-sighted sunglass fiend, so these are my every day prescription sunglasses in an aviator style from SEE Eyewear.

CourtneyOutLoud Green Army Jacket

And yup, I carry a “murse” (aka man purse).  I don’t know about where you live, but here in Northern California, we get charged for each bag we use at stores, so I have started carrying my own. I love this bag from Banana Republic (similar) – the cognac color, t he stitching and size are spot on for my weekend needs.  I think a leather tote is the perfect compromise – stash your grocery bags inside along with life’s other essentials (lip balm, wallet, iPad, phone, journal, cross bow…hey-you never know when the zombies will attach!)

So there you have it – three different looks to take you from work to night to play using one jacket as inspiration.  Hope this inspires you to go play dress up in your wardrobe and rediscover your closet.    Now get your weekend started!  Have a GREAT ONE!

Photography by: Desi Arnaz Hyter

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Red Jeans…. Go To Lunch….

So my red jeans infatuation continues …..

After figuring out how to work the red jeans into my work wardrobe, which I thought would prove the hardest, I thought it would be smooth sailing to integrate the jeans into my every day wear.  Well, I was wrong.  Integrating the jeans into my normal rotation challenged me since every outfit I tried on made me feel like I was either (1) posing for a Christmas card or (2) was trying too hard.

Then it struck me — stick with what you know.  And I know my way around stripes and black and white, thus how the next outfit was born.  Sometimes the best advice is to keep it simple ……


Tomorrow, I finish off the series showing how my red jeans like to get their party on!

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