Daydreaming About Laufen Bathrooms …

I don’t care if you call me a day dreamer.  Everyone who knows me can testify to my overactive imagination.  I concoct absurd scenarios in my head all the time.  This week I was listening to a song and instantly imagined myself possessing superior martial arts and gymnastics skills defeating a room full of armed terrorists using nothing but my belt and chair ala a lion tamer. It’s especially odd since I was listening to a classical piece of music.   In another fantasy I am “discovered” by a famous interior magazine editor ala Devil Wears Prada and whisked into a fast paced life of international design jobs, wild parties and being pursued by overly attractive 40ish millionaires with a thing for skinny dudes.  And of course, all the while I am wearing fabulous outfits.

But I have this other fantasy ….. it involves bathrooms.  And before you go all Fifty Shades of Grey on me, it isn’t what you think.  What it involves is designing the perfect bathroom.  It’s the one room in my design portfolio that I have yet to fully tackle.  Sure, I get to do the occasional lipstick job, but I have yet to sink my teeth into a juicy gut job where I get to use the pieces I dream about.  I am currently pitching a bathroom right now and should I get it, there is a strong possibility that some beautiful pieces from Laufen Bathrooms will be put into the mix for consideration….


Since many of my projects are condos or small spaces, I particularly like how Laufen Bathrooms has dedicated considerable time, energy and design resources in creating lines that are designed for the urban dweller.  While not specifically designed for small spaces, their ILBAGNOALESSI One line is a beautiful melding of organics – organic lines & organic materials creating a sense of space that is typically lacking in small bathrooms where the defacto is boxy, boxy boxy.

LB3 Laufen

And while I love a freestanding bathtub, more often than not, my predominately male clientele doesn’t.  Fortunately, Laufen’s LB3 shower tray is perfect!  I know it’s odd to get excited over shower trays but the LB3 is seamless, sleek and just damn sexy.

B 25637 Form Laufen

Palomba Collection

But even though my clients may request showers, I still like to consider myself the “tub pusher” because they bring such a sculptural quality to a bathroom should you have the space.  And these three – the Form ILBAGNOALESSI dOt and Palomba are my choices from Laufen for the perfect melding of style and function.

Since fantasies are ever changing, I think I have a new one where I find myself sitting in one of these Laufen beauties overlooking the ocean as one of those dazzling handsome millionaires from my other fantasy pours me a glass of champagne…..ahhh.

[pictures courtesy Laufen Bathrooms]

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disclaimer:  laufen bathrooms was a sponsor of blogtour london 2013 but all thoughts and opinions are mine.