With A Laser Focus…..

Inspiration usually strikes when you least expect it.  As I mentioned yesterday, I am in the process of switching out my closet to Fall/Winter and am reacquainting myself with all the wardrobe pieces.  One piece that I ran across was a laser cut leather wrist cuff I have not worn since my “club days” of my early 20s.  Who knows why I continue to hold on to it, but it did get my mental wheels spinning on all the great home furnishings and designs that are on the market that are using laser cutting techniques.

I love this textile….

Imagine using it as drapery in a bedroom.  It would be a dynamic window covering creating  texture when drawn back or fantastic shadows if the curtains were closed. 

How about using laser cut fabric or paper as a wall treatment in lieu of traditional wall coverings? 

If that is too much for your taste, why not using a laser cut screen or panel as a room partition…..

I would modify this idea and use a laser cut panel as a headboard for a bed. 

Play with the lighting and you could create a dramatic backdrop of your bedroom for not much more than an upholstered headboard.

Speaking of lighting, why not try a laser cut fixture in your home…..

Laser cutting allows for customized intricate designs not otherwise doable with other manufacturing techniques.  It also allows you to play with unique materials ranging from metal to balsa wood.

Speaking of intricate designs, these tables are the epitome of what the technology can do…..

While I love all of these pieces, I think I may introduce laser cut furnishings into my home via the tabletop rather than the table itself.  I am thinking a piece of laser cut leather would make a fantastic table-cloth and provide pizzaz to any tablescape…..

Who knew that cleaning my closet would lead to such a wealth of inspiration?  It almost makes me want to tackle the garage to see what hidden gems I can find to get my creative juices flowing.  Well almost……

So tell me are laser cut furnishings too modern for your taste or would you incorporate some of these pieces into your home?

ps: Happy Birthday Mom!!  Love you.

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