New Project: Oakland Kitchen Remodel….

I am just starting to work on a new project — a kitchen remodel in an adorably remodeled cottage in my neighborhood.  Actually, it’s my next door neighbors which makes the commute REALLY easy!

But that aside, the project looks to be an interesting in that it is challenging me to mix the client’s contemporary tastes with the traditional bones of the cottage.  The wife loves warm colors and sleek lines while the husband has a thing for slick cabinetry and reflective surfaces.  So last week I pitched them three concepts…..










Of the three, there was a clear winner among the Client but I am curious…which one would you pick for your own home?  Okay I am off to start a custom cabinetry install at the Douglass Project!  Have a GREAT weekend…..

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The rental remodel I am helping with is coming along quite well.  The demo is done and the crew has put up the kitchen cabinets…..

The client was very adamant that he wanted to stick with these cabinets even though I thought a simpler door and a darker stain would have longevity.  However, in the end, the client wanted all the units in the building to have a uniform look and feel.  But with a quick change of the color scheme for the room and the adjacent dining room, I am confident the new cabinets will look just as modern as the plan I envisioned.

The painters should finish this week and the floor guys should be in next week to stain the wood floors.  If all goes well, this project will be wrapped up by the end of the month.

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