Now That I Have a Little Free Time…..

I think I can officially say that I have a little more free time on my hands now.  I am hoping to channel all of this extra time and energy into some projects including:

  • Finishing up the guest bathroom – HELLO mirror trim!
  • Starting holiday presents – HELLO salted caramels and chocolate cashew bark
  • Finding a dog – HELLO Oakland SPCA
  • Writing a novel – HELLO Hell-to-the-no!  (that was a joke!)

However, what isn’t a joke and what I REALLY need to nail down is the tablescape for New Years Eve.  I  am hoping to have a few people over for a low-key celebration especially since The Partner’s cousin, Jenn will be joining us on her break from college.  I have this vision in my head and I am challenging myself to see if I can do at least 90% of it from the Dollar Store and thrift stores.  Second, even though we are not spending Christmas here in California (New Jersey here we come!  Let the jokes commence), I want to at least do a small holiday vignette.  Fortunately, the lovely ladies over at Living Livelier have invited me to participate in their holiday blogger open house.  I am going to use the vignette as my post, so it sorta lights a fire under my behind to really get started in earnest.

I am thinking of using my coffee filter wreath as the basis for the design….well that is use it once I finish the darn thing.

Ok, this wreath is going through coffee filters like John Mayer goes through girls.....

So today, my focus is to really push to get the wreath done and sketching out the overall layout of the vignette.  But first, all this talk about coffee filters has made me realize that I have not had my morning java.  Okay, time for a Starbucks run……..