Men’s Style: On The Town…

I can only speak for myself, but my blue jeans have become a permanent fixture in my wardrobe.  I wear them to work, on the weekends and sadly there are moments I even wear them out for a night on the town.  I placate myself by saying that jeans at night are part of the “California laid-back” aesthetic.  But deep down, there is a small East Coaster yearning to be free…..that guy who secretly enjoys getting dressed up.  I don’t mean suits, but just taking things up a notch, so when I gave myself the challenge of style my Gap army jacket (similar) three different ways, I knew I had to find a way to work it into my “evening attire”…..


Short on time between engagements?  Forgo the tie!  I know yesterday I was all about skinny ties for work, but that’s just it.  I wear ties all the time to meet clients, so if I am going out, I want to ditch the tie for something else.  In this case a thin wool turtleneck (similar) from Club Monaco is the perfect layering piece for the jacket to take center stage.  It’s thin enough not to be bulky but still dressy enough that I feel completely comfortably going to dinner then the theater.

CLake_GAPArmy Gloves

I gave my beloved jeans a rest and pulled a favorite pair of wool glen plaid Polo trousers (similar) out of hibernation.  The play of a between the dressy trouser in a traditional pattern and the casual fabric of the jacket was the perfect amount of tension the outfit needed to make it look purposefully and not sloppy.  But then you really can’t look that sloppy too when you sport a pair of stitched leather saddle boots (similar).  I felt the outfit needed a pop of color and my orange leather driving gloves (similar) courtesy of Club Monaco was the perfect solution.  I feel debonair and ready for a night on the town in this outfit!  Honestly, I cannot stress enough how much I love play “dress up” in my closet, rediscovering all these forgotten treasures and interpreting them for my new life.

I will be back on Friday to show you the third and final look, as I get ready for the weekend!

Photography by: Desi Arnaz Hyter

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Red Jeans….Know How To Party….

I have never been a party goer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to have fun but my idea of “fun” never included keg stands, deafening music or being crammed like sardines in a bar.  If I am going to party, then I wanna have good food, space and my friends …… and perhaps a little disco.

So when I got the red jeans, the first outfit I put together was this feisty homage to the 70s.  I dug deep to find my inner “Disco Stu” and pulled together what I think is a modern take on the era that I would easily wear around the office or for a night with friends…..

Now if you wanna copy this shag-a-delic look…..


So I have three meetings today before I can call it quits for the weekend and enjoy my visiting family.  Fingers crossed everything goes well and I get to bust out this outfit and party down with the family!  Have a great weekend!

Peace, love and happiness!  Flower child out!

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Red Jeans…. Go To Lunch….

So my red jeans infatuation continues …..

After figuring out how to work the red jeans into my work wardrobe, which I thought would prove the hardest, I thought it would be smooth sailing to integrate the jeans into my every day wear.  Well, I was wrong.  Integrating the jeans into my normal rotation challenged me since every outfit I tried on made me feel like I was either (1) posing for a Christmas card or (2) was trying too hard.

Then it struck me — stick with what you know.  And I know my way around stripes and black and white, thus how the next outfit was born.  Sometimes the best advice is to keep it simple ……


Tomorrow, I finish off the series showing how my red jeans like to get their party on!

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