Tush to Cush(ion) …..

Do you ever start to see connections where none previously existed?  No, I am not talking conspiracy theory ….. but being struck by the similarities between disparate things.  For example, I have been on the hunt for a pair of printed pants to wear on vacation.  Odd thing to want for vacation, but I am not necessarily the “normal” kinda guy.  In any case, I have been eyeing a pair of Zara print pants but noticed that they print reminds me of a pair of pillows I currently have in my online shop ……

Ethnic Print

I love making a strong print the focal point of an outfit or a room.  These Tiko Black Pillows would be great on a Belgian linen sofa in flax or soft white.

After noticing that first pairing, I dug a little deeper and found this great pair of geometric capri pants that reminded me of Karoo Pillow…..

Lacy Love

Both patterns remind me of a lace overlay – one being modern and the other more traditional.  But either way, the crisp combo of black and white is the perfect place to drop in a fun color like they did with the model’s mint shoe.  I would use a pair Karoo as part of a bedding scheme.  Mixed in with a long bolster in a pastel color with white bedding, it would be a show stopper!

Ikat Inspiration

Of course, I couldn’t leave out one of my favorite prints, ikat!  I know some may be tired of the print, but honestly, ikat is my paisley or stripe.  It is the perfect way to inject some color and life into a space in a sophisticated yet fun way.  Fortunately, most ikats have a variety of colors in their pattern, so it’s always easy to pull coordinating colors for a design concept.  As I said, I think ikat is a “formal pattern” so I tend to use the Ikat Print Pillow in a masculine but luxe setting — think cerused oak and grey walls.

Funny how searching for pants can lead you down such a weird and awesome road just proving how intertwined fashion and home decor has become!  Okay, have a fantastic weekend and be safe!

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The Call of the Ikat…..

The master bedroom I am working on is coming along with a beautiful upholstered headboard in linen, a coordinating chair and limed wood side tables. I am now on the hunt for a fabric to off-set the fairly monochromatic color palette. In a design like that gets most of its “oomph” from texture rather than color, the use of a pattern to give the eye a rest I think is essential. It is in times like this, that I turn to ikat.

I know that ikat has been used extensively in design as of late….but that is why it is a classic pattern. It’s been around a couple of thousand years, so I think it is pretty safe to assume it won’t be going anywhere in the next 5-10 years. I am not sure which of these (or any I will use) but at the moment, the visual interest that a beautiful ikat print can add to a room is luring me in……


Source: Calico Corner


Source: Lewis & Sharon Textile Co.


Source: Ballard Design


Source: Lewis & Sharon Textile Co.


Source: Calico Corner


I am partial to the ikat print from Ballard Design.  Wouldn’t that look amazing as a set of drapes and an adorable bolster pillow for the bed?  As you can see, I am beyond excited over this room and can’t wait to officially start purchasing pieces!  However, on a sad note, I am a bit jealous that  I  will not be the one sleeping in it every night.  Do other designers feel this way when putting together a room for a client?  Inqiring minds want to know……

Napkins: Ikat for the Holidays

I am by no means a design expert, but I think there are a core set of patterns and prints that would be considered universal.  Toile, plaid, floral – these are the classic standards that seem always be woven into a home.  However, I think there are a new set of prints that could be called “modern classics” including imperial trellis, chevron and my personal favorite ikat.

I think ikat is one of those patterns that is timeless, effortless chic and can be used in some many different ways in a home.  I am currently having a tablecloth and runner  made from this ikat fabric that I picked up on Fabric.com for $5.95 a yard!.


Redding Ikat Gold

However, like Mae West said “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful,” so I am going into a bit of ikat overload for my holiday tables.  I am currently in a deep love affair with these ikat napkins from Coldwater Creek.  They are currently on sale for $13.95 for a set of four.

I think these napkins are PERFECT for a holiday table setting.  I love the two different greens and the band of brown.  I can totally see these on a table with a frette patterned tablecloth, bone china and a centerpiece using poinsettias to play up the holiday scheme.

I am also partial to this set of ikat napkins from Pomegranate.  I think the warm ochre color is the perfect complement to a table set with Tiffany blue and gray plates.   Tuck these napkins into a set of vintage opaline blue goblets (my other obsession as of late) and you have the makings for a beautiful and stunning tablescape.  These napkins are currently on sale for $28.99 for a set of four.

My orders for both sets of napkins are already in and here is hoping that at least one set gets to me before Thanksgiving!  I am busily planning my tablescape for dinner and think I have everything down.  So what is your table going to be for the holidays?  I would love to share pictures of your holiday tablescapes, so send me a copy at lifeoutloudmail@gmail.com.